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Nitecore EC30

A while back Nitecore released a concept light, aptly named the Concept 1, with a fresh take on the compact, but, powerful flashlight. Unlike most concept products that never progress past a futuristic design or idea, the Concept 1 delivered a new model that was unique among Nitecore's other flashlights of time. Now Nitecore have taken the Concept even further with the EC30, tweaking the light in both features and price, while still offering a compact powerhouse for EDC.

The EC30 carries over many of its features from the Concept 1. It uses a Cree XHP35 HD paired with either a 18650 battery or 2 x CR123As for a maximum output of 1800 lumens up to 220 meters. 5 brightness levels and 3 special modes are accessed via a single side switch, including instant access to Moonlight (1 lumen) and Turbo (1800 lumens), the former of which has a runtime of up to 310 hours. Thanks to its combination of power, medium throw, and runtime, it's a great option as a general-use light, performing well across many usage cases for EDC.

The overall exterior design of the EC30 takes most of its cues from the Concept 1 as well. Which is a good thing, because the compact, tapered body lends itself well to pocketability and ease of carry. Its top half is smooth and houses the bolt-on clip, side switch, and branding, while the bottom half retains the magnetic tail and subtle diamond knurling pattern for a comfortable, but tight grip. The switch is the big difference on the EC30 compared to its predecessor, now a proud electronic switch compared to the more flat rectangle switch of the original. Be advised: while the switch is now easier to use, it also means accidental activation is a strong possibility, especially with a lack of electronic lockout in the EC30's user interface.

Switch aside, the EC30 is still a very compact light, measuring in at 4.38” and weighing 2.31 oz. That's slightly shorter and heavier than the Concept 1, but should still be just as EDC-friendly. And thanks to IPX8-rated water and impact resistance, carrying for every environment is no problem. Finally, an included lanyard and holster complete the carry package.

The Nitecore EC30 is an easy and affordable concept to grasp, and it's available now at the Amazon link below.

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Rino Ready Companion

"The Rino Ready Companion is a waterproof and fire-resistant backpack with over 40 emergency supplies for two people. That includes a tent, gas masks, a multitool, various light sources and..." (via TheAwesomer)

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Titaner Folding Titanium Craft Knife

For a keychain knife to be more than just a toy, it has to perform beyond its size. It has to be sharp enough to handle at lightweight cutting and slicing tasks. But for larger tasks, the blade had better be as sharp as a scalpel, because there isn't a lot of cutting edge to work with. That's where Titaner's new EDC precision craft blade comes in handy. It's a compact folding knife that packs an ultra-sharp scalpel blade in an attractive premium titanium package that fits in the palm of your hand. The end result is one of the smallest folding knives you can carry while still being able to get work done.

The scalpel blade sets the Titaner apart from other small EDC utility blades. It's set up to accept standard #11 surgical scalpel blades, which are extremely sharp and thin, with an angled straight sub-2” edge and a sharp point that makes delicate piercing tasks a breeze. These standard blades are easy to find and relatively cheap, since they are made to be disposed after every operation. You can find boxes of 100 in your choice of stainless steel or carbon steel to swap out when you need it. But unlike with a regular scalpel with its fixed blade setup, the Titaner features an elegant grade 5 titanium handle that folds up for easy storage. It's 4” overall when open, and it shrinks down to 2.3” long when folded. Opening the blade is a two-handed manual affair, and while it lacks a locking mechanism, there's actually a small tab in the pivot that helps keep the blade open with a slight amount of pressure.

When your work is complete, put it away on your keychain via the hole at the rear of the handle or in your pockets. At just 0.16 ounces, this is a featherweight knife that won't weigh you down at all. If you're looking for the ultimate amount of sharpness potential in your compact keychain EDC knives, the Titaner is as good as it gets. Pick one up and see for yourself at the link below.

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Deal Alert: Up to 50% Off Timbuk2's Best-Selling EDC Bags

Building out the perfect EDC takes time. There's plenty of trial and error involved and good things come to those who wait. And today, your patience can pay off: San Francisco-based Timbuk2 is currently running their end-of-season sale on Amazon with a wide range of great bags for almost any occasion. If you've been on the market for an affordable pack for work, school, travel, or commuting, chances are you'll find a bag for you at a great price to boot. In this quick round-up we're highlighting a few of our favorites for EDCers, but you can shop the full discounted selection at the link below.

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