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Deejo Customizable Knives

Finding the perfect knife can be tough. From performance to aesthetics, there are plenty of factors to consider, especially for something you're going to carry every day. Thankfully, companies like Deejo are here to make the choice a little bit easier. They've set out to make their ultralight pocketknife customizable to your exact specifications with a system that lets you create a one-of-a-kind knife. It's a unique, high-tech way to have the perfect knife to match your needs—and your style.

The Deejo knife itself is one of the most subtle and classy designs you can find. Composed of a slim 3.7” blade that folds into an ultra-minimalist handle that integrates a liner lock, it manages to be a fully capable everyday blade while still staying as light as possible. A large pivot and friction opening makes one-handed deployment possible, and while the skeletonized handle precludes space for a clip, each Deejo knife comes with with an elegant holster so you can slip it in and out of your pockets with ease.

Creating the ideal Deejo knife starts with their online platform, MyDeejo. With its sleek 3D interface, you instantly get a preview of your finished blade. Which helps because with more than a thousand combinations of customizations available, you can be satisfied with your unique knife long before it reaches your hands. You have options of blade finish and design engraving, and your choice of color, material, and wood for the Deejo's handle, along with custom text engraving should you please. With over 60 tattoos to choose from, you can create a Deejo that truly resembles you. They offer a wide variety of styles to resonate with you and all your interests, whether it be the outdoor, biking, watchmaking, nature or even music, you can be sure to find a tattoo for you.

Whether building the perfect blade to match your EDC's aesthetic or giving a truly special gift, Deejo's customizable knives are yours for the making. Start on yours today by visiting MyDeejo at the link below.

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This is a sponsored post presented by Deejo.

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QuietCarry MARQ Multi-functional Moneyclip

Most minimalist wallets these days get as slim as they are by sacrificing a convenient way to carry cash. However it's usually a matter of when, not if, you'll need to deal with loose bills. You could carry a money clip separately, but it'll be dead weight in your pocket for whenever you aren't carrying cash. The QuietCarry MARQ, on the other hand, brings tons of extra functionality to the table with its folding tool “blade” built right in. Whether you use it as a money clip or a multi-tool, it'll cover your bases without wasting precious pocket space.

The overall shape of the MARQ was inspired by a vintage money clip, but it features modern materials and plenty of hidden functionality concealed within its discreet design. Slim handles and a wide-set clip made from machined titanium make up the frame of the money clip. It can accommodate once or twice-folded bills depending on how many you're carrying or how slim you want it to fit in your pocket. At just 2” long, 0.2” thick, and just over an ounce in weight, it adds virtually no extra bulk to the pocket.

The “blade” on the MARQ sets it apart from most money clips, featuring 10 total functions including a box opener, rope cutter, bottle opener, and pry bar to cover your bases. It's made of a hardy Bohler N690co steel to be tough enough for daily tasks. The UK-friendly blade swivels out via a thumb hole and locks into the frame, while jimping along the spine provides extra grip to maneuver such a compact tool.

The MARQ comes in black and silver colorways to fit right into most EDC setups. It makes for an excellent companion to your wallet and main blade, but can pull double duty as an all-in-one wallet and tool for your minimalist EDCers. As a stretch goal, QuietCarry are looking to offer a dog-tag style blade variant of the MARQ too. You can secure a MARQ for yourself at QuietCarry's fully funded Kickstarter campaign linked below.

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