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Boker Plus XS

If local laws are quite restrictive about the kind of folding knife you can carry, you might think you're out of luck. Most non-locking folders just aren't cut out to do more than the lightest of tasks. They also tend to be old designs that might not fit with what you want out of your everyday carry. The Boker Plus XS on the other hand bucks the trend with materials and design elements from modern EDC locking folders, resulting in a tactical slipjoint that's more than capable for EDC.

The Boker Plus XS was designed in collaboration with custom knifemaker Chad Los Banos, blending elegance with tactical cues. It features a sharp 3" clip point blade made from 440C stainless steel that's tough enough for EDC thanks to its high hardness rating of 57-58 Rc. Unlike the usual nail nick you'd find on traditional slipjoints, the XS deploys easily via dual ambidextrous thumb studs on either side of the blade. With the blade deployed, the slipjoint on the knife doesn't actually lock. Instead, the XS features enough spring-loaded resistance against the blade to keep it from closing on you when doing most everyday tasks.

An ergonomic choil by the base of the blade conforms to your index finger for added control and grip options, while the overall shape of the handle leverages the placement of your hand to help keep the blade deployed and on task. The jimping at the top of the blade also helps you establish firm control over precise cuts. The XS's G10 scales stay grippy when wet and keep the overall weight of the knife down for easy pocket carrying. Its reversible pocket clip also adds some versatility to your carry options.

Just because your options are limited doesn't mean you have to EDC a bad knife or no knife at all. But as always, check with your own local laws first. Pick up a Boker Plus XS and see for yourself just how capable a blade it is at the link below.

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Firefly Fire Starter

When's the last time you used the toothpick on your Swiss Army Knife? If the answer is “never,” we hear you. Maybe you've used it to clean out debris from your knife or something, but its intended function seems a bit out of place on such a venerable EDC tool. And in an emergency situation, you're going to wish it could do more than keep your teeth clean. Enter the Firefly from Tortoise Gear: a firestarter rod that's designed to replace the toothpick on your Swiss Army Knife.

For something small enough to fit in the toothpick slot of your SAK's scales, the Firefly can generate an impressive amount of sparks. By scraping the Firefly with a blade or saw on your knife, you'll get enough sparks flying to start a fire in a pinch. It'll even work on the scissors of the TSA-friendly travel models of the SAK. Plus, Tortoise Gear specially designed their custom firesteel to be twice as strong and last longer than similar standalone ferrocerrium rods.

The Firefly comes in two different sizes, for both small and large models. If you carry a non-traditional SAK, that's fine too. As long as it has a toothpick, it will fit. That includes compatibility with even the SwissCard multi-tool. Hot swapping in the Firefly would be a step in consolidating your outdoors carry for a more minimal setup, or it can add redundancy as a backup to your main fire starter. Last but not least, its bright green head provides higher visibility during the day, glow-in-the-dark visibility at night, and makes retrieving the Firefly itself easy thanks to an injected molded thumb notch.

The SAK is an effective part of your everyday carry, but with the Firefly it's made even better. It's an easy and low-profile option for EDCing this crucial piece of preparedness gear. Secure this handy EDC accessory for yourself at the fully-funded Kickstarter link below.

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