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Nodus Lofold Wallet

You'd think finding a solid EDC wallet would be fairly straight forward, but it often turns out to be far from the truth. A good wallet doesn't just hold your cards — it should organize them, protect them, and make them convenient to use and access. Nodus checks all those boxes with their line-up of EDC wallets while also adding handy features like cash-, coin-, and key pockets. Their newest bifold, the Lofold, brings all of that functionality to a more compact footprint, making it the perfect fit for shorter currencies like US or Canadian dollars. All this, plus a gorgeous veg-tan leather build makes the Lofold a strong contender for your next wallet.

The Nodus Lofold might just be your all-in-one solution for carrying the essential cards, IDs, and cash you need on a daily basis. It has enough space to carry 11 cards with plenty of organization depending on how and when you need to use your cards. Frequently used cards like your ID, debit, and credit card get their own space thanks to three easy access card slots. For the rest of your cards you need with you, there's a stash pocket on the inside of the billfold section to keep them all in one spot.

The Lofold keeps those cards secure from fraudsters with its built-in RFID shielding. But its innovative design also lets you leave a single card unshielded so you can use it for contactless payments or building entry when needed. Carrying cash is super simple too, as the billfold section is designed to accommodate cash without needing to fold it beforehand. There's even a dedicated slot for your house key, helping you further consolidate your carry.  

But beyond the practicality, you'll also appreciate the premium feel of the supple, vegetable-tanned Italian leather on the Lofold wallet. It's available in three different colors, from chestnut brown, ebony black, and dark teal, so you can pick the shade that fits your personal style The Nodus Lofold's compelling mix of EDC-friendly features and smart looks set it apart as superior compared to other bifold wallets. Find out more about the Nodus Lofold wallet at the link below.

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This is a sponsored post presented by Nodus.

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EverRatchet: Ratcheting Keychain Multi-tool

The biggest problem with keychain multi-tools is finding one with the right balance between form and function. Small tools are easier to carry, but harder to use. Larger tools are quite the opposite. The EverRatchet from Gear Infusion hits just the right balance of size and functionality while adding something never before seen on a keychain multi-tool. The EverRatchet’s integrated bit driver has a unique ratcheting mechanism that makes quick fixes even faster.

The EverRatchet’s key feature works thanks to what Gear Infusion calls their “dynamic ratcheting beam.” Through some careful design and engineering, they’ve managed to create a system that holds the bit still under force but lets the tool rotate back to its starting position to get additional torque in use. In practice, it's not at all as complicated as it sounds. To tighten a screw, put the bit driver in the ratchet hole, and turn it back and forth like you would a normal ratchet. Loosening a screw is just a matter of flipping the tool over and rotating it in the other direction. In addition to the ratchet, you’ll find a fire flint, scraper, pry bar, measuring tool, and 7 wrenches of different sizes. The tool measures in at just under 2.5” in length — ideal for keychain or coin pocket carry.

Currently, the EverRatchet is tens of thousands of dollars over its funding goal. Pledges start at a reasonable $16 for a stainless steel tool and $21 for the titanium version, both of which include a #2 Philips Bit and Fire Flint to sweeten the deal. Hit the link below to see the tool in action and snag one for yourself.

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This is a sponsored post presented by Gear Infusion.

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Uberleben Leicht Firestarter

Few people will deny that a fire starter is a handy tool to have, but they’re not always made for EDC. Long rods and awkward carrying cases make them easier to stash in a bag than in your pockets. But every now and then something comes along that won’t take up any pocket space at all. This time, that comes in the form of the Uberleben Leicht fire starter neck lanyard. It weighs next to nothing, but in an emergency situation it could be the most important tool in your carry.

If you’ve ever gone hiking you know that packing light is essential. The Leicht fire starter weighs only one ounce, leaving you with more weight to work with for the rest of your loadout. Plus, the lanyard itself is made from paracord, which has plenty of emergency and survival applications as well. It's threaded through a ferrocerium rod and ring scraper designed to work together to get sparks flying to start your fires. Whether you’re at high altitudes trekking through mountains or stuck in a rainstorm, you can count on the Leicht to light. With a lifespan of around 12,000 strikes, this isn’t a “one and done” kind of tool.

Even if your day to day is a little less adventurous, it’s always good to be prepared. Whether you're looking to add a firestarter to your EDC or want an ultralight backup, the Uberleben Leicht is a convenient option. Get one for your kit at the link below.

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This is a sponsored post presented by Uberleben.

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