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Victorinox Vx Touring Expandable 2-in-1 Carry-On Duffel

Traveling may be fun, but it isn’t easy. Long lines, bad in-flight movies, and getting the middle seat make finally getting to your destination that much sweeter. Luckily, Victorinox has been trying to make the experience go a little more smoothly with their Touring line of bags. The Swiss company might best be known for their legendary Swiss Army Knife, but they've brought those same EDC values of functionality and versatility to their bags. With their new Vx Touring 2-in-1 Carry-On, you get the best of both worlds. It's a bag small enough to carry when exploring a new city, yet large enough to fit everything you need for a few days away from home.

Frequent flyers know the quickest way out of an airport is to stuff all your gear into a carry-on. The less time you spend waiting at baggage claim, the better. This 43L bag is perfectly sized to fit everything you need and still fit in the overhead compartment. If you do end up checking it, the signature diamond pattern on the Touring helps the bag stand out from the pack at baggage claim. Helping you locate the bag quickly so that you can get on with your trip.

A good bag shouldn’t slow you down or get in the way. It should conform to whatever you’re doing, which is why the Touring 2-in-1 is part-backpack, part-luggage. Wheels on the bottom and a pull-out handle are perfect for rolling around the airport while waiting for your flight. But in the zippered pocket on the back are two ergonomic straps with sturdy buckles that clip into place, for when going on foot makes more sense. You would think sturdy wheels and a handle would weigh you down, but the bag still manages to weigh only 6 lbs.

Giant, hardshell luggage cases have their place, but when it comes to an EDC backpack organization is key. So even though the Touring 2-in-1 can hold a lot in the main compartment, there are still plenty of pouches and pockets for keeping smaller essentials organized. Along the inside of the bag is a zippered mesh pocket so you can keep toiletries and other small items from causing havoc every time you need to reach into your bag. 

You’ll also get a smaller mesh pocket along the side for stashing more valuable but less frequently used essentials while you’re traveling, like the currency in your home country or your house keys. Rounding out the organization is the zippered front pocket, which is large enough for any-sized laptop so you can get through security without needing to repack your bag on the other side. All this is kept safe from rough baggage handlers and tears thanks to an abrasion resistant polyester fabric construction throughout.

If you find yourself bringing back a few more souvenirs than you expected, the Touring 2-in-1 has a zippered expansion for extra space where it counts. Even when filled to the brim you won’t look like you’re carrying a turtle shell thanks to adjustable compression straps that maintain the shape of the bag. Just feed the metal hooks through the grippy, rubber loops and you’re good to go.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one bag for your next adventure, the Touring Expandable 2-in-1 Carry-on Duffel might be the way to go. Whether you’re a frequent flier or go home once a year for the holidays, this versatile bag checks all the boxes. Check it out at the link below.


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Aer Work Collection

The bag you carry says a lot about you. And if you mean business, Aer's latest Work Collection of bags was made for you. Aer has shown their skill for designing sleek, dual-purpose urban EDC bags with their previous Travel and Active collections, all equipped with activity-specific features and EDC-worthy materials. The new Work Collection is no different, giving mobile professionals sleek and minimal pack options to organize, protect, and keep their essentials handy.

The Work Collection takes Aer's familiar silhouettes and gives them some thoughtful upgrades, keeping in mind the needs of the professionals that will be using them. You have five bags to choose from depending on your capacity needs and carry preference. Each design features a coated, water-resistant front panel and Cordura 1680D nylon construction throughout the rest of the pack exterior. The plain flat front gives the bags Aer's signature clean look, letting the bags fit in any office, whether it's a boardroom or your favorite coffee shop.

Three of the bags—the larger Tech Pack, the Day Pack, and the Commuter Bag—come with the Work Collection's new feature: a toolbox-inspired, free-standing design that lets the bags stay upright on a flat surface. Paired with the interior organization and half-zip design of of the bags' main compartments, this keeps your essentials within reach so you can easily grab a pen or cable without having to fumble with a bag always in danger of falling over. The Tech Pack's larger 16.2L frame gives it space for three compartments, two side pockets and two padded handles. The Day Pack follows suit with a smaller, 15.4L option for a lighter carry for daily commutes. And for EDCers who prefer slings and messenger bags, the Commuter Bag gives a 10.2L option with a large, organized main compartment paired with a dedicated laptop compartment.

Also part of the Work Collection are the Tech Sling and the Cable Kit. The Tech Sling bumps up the capacity of their original Day Sling up to 7L from 4.5, and gives it an adjustable padded strap you can wear two ways. The Cable Kit helps manage all your tech and smaller essentials with its two zip pockets, internal strap and pocket organization, and quick access external pocket for additional storage.

No matter how and where you work, the right bag is essential to your productivity. Take your pick from Aer's new Work Collection at the link below.

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10 Packable Bags for EDC and Travel

Bags are a great way to carry your gear or augment your EDC pocket space when you're on the go. But if you don't always carry a lot of gear, lugging around a big heavy bag can be a bit cumbersome. With their lightweight materials and convenient collapsible construction, packable bags are your best bet. They are especially good to have when your carry weight is limited, like when you're traveling. But regardless of mission, packable bags are versatile and available in just about every type you might need. In this guide, we'll walk you through what makes a good packable bag for everyday carry. We'll also get you acquainted with a few of our favorite packable bags for you to choose from.

Nomatic Messenger and Laptop Bags

When pockets aren’t enough, a good bag can help you carry everything you need while keeping it all organized. But like the tools in your EDC, finding a bag that’s practical and fits your lifestyle can be challenging. That’s why Nomatic has a few different options in their line-up depending on what you’re looking for. With a proven track record of bringing minimalist yet feature-rich EDC gear like wallets, notebooks, watches, and backpacks to market via Kickstarter, the company is back with a new duo of smart crossbody bags: the Nomatic Messenger Bag and Laptop Bag.

If you like to keep things discreet, you’ll like the Nomatic design language. Their entire line of bags comes in stealthy black and gray color options, and this new Messenger bag is no different. It has removable padded strap that clicks securely into place thanks to magnetic Fidlock hardware on either side. Removing them is simple, so if you need to carry it briefcase-style you can do so without having to fiddle with buckles when it’s time to reattach them. If you travel often you can also stack it on top of your rolling suitcase when killing time between flights using its pass-through luggage handle sleeve. But the same organizational details that makes the Nomatic Messenger an ideal carry-on also makes it practical for EDC.

It comes with three zippered compartments and plenty of pockets perfect for organizing your gear while you’re out and about with a 15L total capacity. First is the padded laptop compartment along the back which has a built-in sleeve that keeps it from slipping out when you need it. Then there’s the large main compartment perfect for electronics like cameras or headphones. This compartment also has a handy removable divider and a zippered mesh pocket for any smaller batteries or memory cards that you don’t want to lose. The last zippered compartment on the very front allows for quick access to smaller essentials that you might need throughout the day. Elastic and zippered pockets line the inside and make it easy to organize everything from pens and passports to snacks and cables.

For an even more minimalist solution to carrying your laptop and its accompanying essentials, there's the Laptop bag. It sports a lower profile than the Messenger with its fewer compartments at 10L capacity, but still comes with enough organization and storage for your laptop, tablet, notebooks, and other mobile office essentials as an everyday work bag.

Judging by the company's track record, it’s only a matter of time before the Nomatic Messenger and Laptop Bags get funded. So whether you’re looking for an easy way to carry your stuff on your commute or want a bag that makes a hassle-free carry-on, make sure to click the link below and back the campaign.

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5 Leather Gear Organizers for EDC

Few materials get better over time, and leather is one of them. In addition to picking up an awesome looking patina, it gets softer and easier to use the more you carry it. It's an ideal material for certain EDC gear because of its natural durability and ease to work with. The increasingly popular gear caddy is an excellent example of this, leveraging leather's versatility to accommodate essentials of all shapes and sizes in a variety of pocket layouts. In this guide, we're highlighting caddies crafted from premium leathers sourced from some of the best and oldest tanneries in existence. Read on to take a look at some handsome leather options for organizing and carrying your EDC that'll only get better the more you carry them.

5.11 Tactical Dart Pack

5.11 Tactical as an EDC brand needs no introduction nor proof of their reliability. From commuters wanting mil-spec quality in their daily bag to servicemen and women relying on a rugged pack in hairy situations, 5.11's packs have shown their mettle time and time again. But for some people, their stylings lean more towards tactical utility than urban minimalism. So with the Dart Pack, 5.11 takes a step in a sleek direction, with a design that that adds modern form on top of their signature function.

If you're familiar with 5.11's flagship designs, you're probably expecting a full array of MOLLE webbing all over the bag. The Dart Pack instead goes for an understated yet robust 420D nylon exterior with a simple logo on an otherwise minimal design. You'll find more tactical touches on the bag's shoulder straps, which come with the webbing and adjustable sternum strap found on other 5.11 packs. The rear of the pack comes with vented padding for comfort, while the shoulder straps are “free” on loops instead of attached to fixed points on the bag.

On the inside is where you'll find the biggest difference if you're used to the brand's other backpacks. Instead of few pockets and an open main compartment, you get more options to organize your gear, including a drop-fleece lined pocket and more webbing to strap in your EDC. The angled zip main compartment itself has about 20 liters of capacity, while a secondary pocket can double as a hydration compartment. Both of them are also compatible with a PE board that comes with a padded laptop sleeve, elastic pocket, and more webbing for pens and other essentials.

This isn't the 5.11 Tactical backpack you're looking for, but it could be more than expected from an EDC backpack. Pick one up from Amazon at the link below.

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10 Utility Pouches for Your EDC Bag

You might already have a great EDC bag that can fit all of your gear and then some. But if you're wasting time rummaging through your whole pack whenever you need something, your bag situation could use some help. 

Adding a few utility pouches to your EDC can provide just the organization and protection your bag needs. Think of them as useful bags within bags to help you organize, compartmentalize, and safeguard your gear even further. 

For the loose essentials you pack up and take out quickly, EDC organizers with all their loops and webbing might even be overkill. In this guide, we're looking at simpler solutions that focus less on compartments, bells, and whistles and more on convenience and quick access. 

Read on for a round-up of EDC-worthy bag-in-bag solutions from packing cubes to zip pouches and much more in between to suit any carry setup.

PacSafe Vibe 325 Anti-Theft Sling Pack

For dashing around town, few things are as efficient for EDC as a perfectly sized sling pack. It's got a good amount of space for your essentials without the bulk of a full-sized backpack or messenger bag, and there's the security factor, too—since you can swing the sling around to access its contents without removing it, your gear is always close at hand. And if we're talking about secure bags, we have to bring up Pacsafe. Their bags are purpose-built to be the most secure commuter bags on the market, and the Vibe 325 brings together utility and security in one package ideal for everyday commuters.

Despite its minimalist appearance, the Vibe 325 discreetly hides its security features right under its 210D nylon surface. This includes a slash-proof web of stainless steel called eXomesh lining its exterior shell, and steel lining in the straps to prevent them from being cut. Like all Pacsafe bags, zippers are a key security point. The Vibe 325 featuring locking zippers on its compartments as well as a reinforced locking clasp on its strap to secure the bag to a chair or table when you're settling down for a meal.

For your essentials you get 10L of space across two compartments, each with their own internal organization along with a mesh zippered pocket on the front compartment. There's even an internal padded sleeve that can accommodate a phone or tablet. And in spite of all its security features, the Vibe 325 itself is a lightweight 1.37 pounds.

Peace of mind has never looked this sleek nor this tailored for EDC. Pick up the Vibe 325 in two new colors from Amazon at the link below, or stick to the classic Black version here.

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10 EDC-Worthy Gym Bags

As we close out the year, it's impossible to ignore the struggle that befalls most of us during the holidays: getting back into shape after a hearty month (or year!) of celebrations. And that struggle usually comes with an instant next step, which is to sign up for the nearest gym to get those resolutions in gear. Speaking of, as EDCers, what and how we carry our gear to the gym is part of the battle. After all, a well-packed, efficient, and convenient gym bag is one you'll pick up time and time again as you head out the door for your workout.

So we've put together a list of EDC-worthy gym bags to help you get organized as you get a head start on getting fit. They come with the right features, organization, and materials to help you stay on track. For those looking for hardy, buy-it-for-life materials to bags you can compact and take with you for fitness excursions when you travel, we've got something for you.

Savage Industries EDC One Bag

"Adam Savage worked with Mafia Bags to create a carry-all utility bag, the Savage Industries EDC One. The bag is made from upcycled sailcloth and a para-aramid synthetic fiber reinforced base. It has an interior pocket and pen loops as well as..." (via TheAwesomer)

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Bond DASH Dopp Kit

Out of all the essentials in a traveler's kit, it's the dopp kit that's often the most imprecise and difficult to organize. After all, unlike tools with uniform sizes like flashlights or rectangular tech objects, your grooming or first aid supplies come in all shapes and sizes. So finding the right dopp kit that's versatile enough to take on the most unconventional gear is a life (and time) saver—a kit like the Bond DASH. More than just a nylon pouch to haphazardly throw your toiletries into, the DASH has thoughtful organization and features packed into a rugged package that make it an ideal EDC traveling companion.

The first thing an EDCer would notice is the DASH's construction. The dopp kit comes with USA-made, mil-spec levels of fit and finish, from its 1000D nylon exterior with double-stitched stress points to its autolocking YKK zippers (accented with hi-vis paracord pulls, at that). Inside the DASH are two mesh pockets—one horizontal and one vertical—to organize your kit as needed. One the vertical pocket side, a strip of elastic slots give lets you stow and quickly access tools that would otherwise be loose in a normal, open dopp kit. No more digging for essentials like your toothbrush, razor, nail clipper, or cologne vial when you need them for quick touch-ups. Finally, one feature that makes the DASH incredibly useful: an included carabiner and hang loop lets the kit hang flat from anywhere, making it even easier to set up and access your supplies wherever and whenever you need them.

Whether finding yourself in a flurry of travel or needing a versatile way to organize emergency essentials, the DASH kit's got the features you need. Pick one up from Amazon at the link below.

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Lowepro GearUp Pouches

"LowePro’s GearUp pouches make it easier to store and carry gadgets, cables and other small essentials. They all have clear and scratch-resistant windows to make it easy to see what’s inside and a double-sided removable panel with..." (via TheAwesomer)

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Subtech Pro Drybag 2.0

"Subtech Sports’ 45-liter Pro Drybag is still lightweight, waterproof, airtight and floats on water thanks to its detachable airbag. But it now has detachable straps, waist belt and sternum straps. There’s also a 100-liter variant, and..." (via TheAwesomer)

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Code of Bell X-PAK Bag Collection

When choosing a bag to be your main EDC, it can be tricky to prepare for all the different situations that come your way. The bag you'd bring your laptop into the office with might not fare so well on a hike in the rain or packed with clothes for a short-haul flight. That's why Code of Bell put adaptability at the forefront of their new Carrywear collection on Kickstarter with the X-PAK One and X-PAK Pro. They're highly configurable cross-body sling bags built with waterproof materials, expandable compartments, and tons of versatile features inside and out.

For a pair of bags designed to be your one option for a wide range of uses and conditions, they come prepared with premium materials throughout. PU-coated zippers and laminated waterproof fabrics on the exterior provide all-weather protection, while 1680D ballistic nylon, ITW Nexus and YKK hardware stand up to repeated use. Overall, the X-PAK One and X-PAK Pro share the same sling-based design with storage capacity being the main difference. The key is in their unique, vertical roll-top outer compartment that can accommodate even bulky items you couldn't normally carry in a smaller bag.

The X-PAK Pro offers more packing space with a capacity ranging from 10L to 17L, taking on a compact daypack role. Besides its expandable roll-top compartment, it has two separate main compartments and an admin panel section to accommodate a 13” laptop and the rest of your small essentials. All of the pockets on the X-PAK Pro are well-placed for its purpose as an EDC sling, with concealed pockets on the back panel, a weatherproof quick-access pocket on the front, an expandable water bottle pocket on the side, and easy access to the main compartments. You can get to these pockets even on the go by slinging the bag forward without having to stop and take the bag off completely.

With the X-PAK bags, it isn't only about having a pocket for everything. They offer so many different ways to actually carry the bags, thanks to their adjustable and stowable straps. The X-PAK Pro can be worn like a traditional sling across your back, over one shoulder when buckled together, or in briefcase mode. The smaller X-PAK One has even more options that active EDCers might enjoy, including as a waistpack or strapped to bike handles. Last but not least, optional compression straps let you attach bulkier items and MOLLE-compatible webbing along the sides let you carry more.

The Code of Bell Carrywear collection is already fully funded on Kickstarter with just under two weeks left in the campaign. You can choose from the X-PAK One and Pro in various color options, as well as learn all about the features and nuanced design decisions that went into the bags at the link below.

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Maxpedition MRZ Pocket Organizer

Keeping things organized in an EDC pouch is a top efficiency tip, with Maxpedition making some of the most robust and useful organizers to accommodate even the most expansive loadouts. The MRZ Mini Organizer—born out of Maxpedition's AGR (Advanced Gear Research) department—takes the simple pouch and upgrades it on every level. It's a modern hardshell hybrid organizer that you can literally throw at your daily packing tasks.

The secret of the MRZ's shell is in its semi-rigid front face. The dual nylon fabric construction allows extra protection for your essentials, of which you'll have plenty to fit in thanks to its extensive internal organization. The protective structure of the shell allows for a unique, zippered stash pocket for your loose or bulky essentials that few pouches offer. The rest of the interior organization features a more familiar configuration with an elastic pocket, loops, and even a Keyper to organize the rest of your gear.

On its rear are laser-cut attachment points which let you carry or attach the MRZ to larger packs with the use of its included polymer joining clips. Or if you prefer, a nylon composite carry handle up top lets you easily carry or transfer the pouch when needed. Rounding out the MRZ's fit and finish is a front hook and loop field for your morale patches, Teflon-coated construction, and heavy-duty YKK zippers to be expected from Maxpedition's rugged pouches.

Carry and organize your gear with confidence with the Maxpedition MRZ, available from Amazon at the link below.

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Speed Backpack

"The Speed Backpack gets its name from its wealth of magnetically-sealed pockets that can be accessed while you’re carrying the bag. That includes its laptop compartment. It also has self-adjusting straps and..." (via TheAwesomer)

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