Bellroy Duo Totepack

We've always felt that how you carry is just as important as what you carry. One company that really understands this is Bellroy, who you probably recognize for their solid history of making some of the best minimalist leather wallets around. They've been taking their considered approach to other forms of carry with solutions for everything from carrying keys to your favorite Field Notes. Now, they're finally releasing a diverse line of bags to handle everything else you aren't carrying in your pockets. Of those bags, the Duo Totepack stands out as one of the most versatile, with all-conditions materials, expandable storage, and multiple carry configurations.

As its name implies, the Duo Totepack pulls double duty as both a backpack and a tote bag. This pairing of configurations is especially useful for EDCers in urban environments who find themselves needing to carry varying amounts of gear. The pack configuration gives all-day comfort for longer hauls and larger loadouts, especially when cycling or moving quickly during a commute. Carrying a tote by hand gives quicker access and works best when needing to pick up a few things throughout your day. The Duo easily switches between the two styles thanks to flat aluminum carabiners at the ends of the bag straps, letting you detach them and neatly tuck them away.

In either configuration, the bag stores about 15L worth of gear — a decent capacity for just the day's essentials. Despite it being on the smaller side, it can still accommodate up to a 15” laptop in its padded compartment as well. You can access the main compartment of the pack via its top-entry, water-resistant YKK Aquaguard zipper. Inside, you'll find zippered pockets and a tablet sleeve for organization and separation of your gear. A separate compartment on the exterior of the bag features quick access to your frequently used essentials, like your wallet or pens. Another pocket on the opposite side keeps more delicate gear like your smartphone or sunglasses separate and safe.

To do its versatile design's justice, the bag features high performance materials with hardware to match. Water-resistant fabric makes up the exterior, which helps keep your belongings dry when paired with the Aquaguard main zipper. When expanding the bag for extra storage or compressing it to keep it slim, the Duo ditches messy compression straps for minimal, yet effective magnetic Fidlock snap hardware. Last but not least, leather touchpoints on the tote handles and back panel snap button offer comfortable handling.

Plenty of thoughtful design decisions make this a compelling pack for a discreet, “do-it-all” urban EDC, whether you're casually out on the town or loading up for adventure. If the Duo Totepack doesn't quite serve your needs, Bellroy has plenty of other bags that might in their full bag collection. Check it out here, and grab the Duo Totepack at the link below.

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Bellroy Pencil Case

"More than just for pencils. Bellroy’s fabric pouch has stiff ends that let you fold it wide open like a tray, making it a great organizer and travel buddy for keys, cables, headphones, and more. It also has pull loops on both ends for..." (via TheAwesomer)

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Bellroy Designers Edition Wallets

"Bellroy’s wares are already a cut above most others’. And Bellroy Designers Edition Wallets are a further cut above those, altogether not unlike their XO Barneys NY collection of recent past. The collection revamps a part of Bellroy’s existing range, including the Note Sleeve and Travel Wallet, while adding new ones — like a minimal card holder and a zip wallet — to the mix. Each product couples rich European leather to refined techniques that minimize stitchwork and smooth corners and edges for a luxurious yet minimal look. Shown in the first image is the Travel wallet in black, which has room for a passport, a myriad of cards, cash, and..." (via GearHungry)

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Bellroy Notebook Cover

Ever find that your pocket notebook gets torn to shreds before you can even fill it up? It happens more than it should, but the solution is pretty simple. Consider slipping your notebook into a leather cover, like this one from Bellroy. In addition to protecting a passport or pocket notebook, the cover also features card slots to replace your wallet for an even slimmer pocket carry.

The Notebook Cover is as slim as they come, yet full of thoughtful storage slots. In addition to your preferred 3.5” x 5.5” notebook, the Bellroy Notebook Cover has room for your daily essentials. Two card slots can hold 4-6 of your most-used cards or some folded up cash, allowing you to leave your wallet at home. There's even a place for a pocket pen to clip into the spine where the cover naturally folds. It's actually really easy to open and close, thanks to hidden magnets that snap the cover in place. The magnetic closure system won't wear out over time either, unlike snaps and elastic bands you'd find on other covers.

Instead of a standalone notebook cover, consider this all-in-one replacement from Bellroy. Your pockets will thank you. Grab one on Amazon at the link below, or check it out in five color options of top-grain leather at Bellroy's site.

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Bellroy Key Cover

Quick EDC quiz: What do your keys and your EDC wallet have in common? If you guessed that they're both some of the most important daily essentials, you'd be right… But unfortunately, they're also some of the trickiest to carry. So it makes sense that after mastering the art of stashing cards, cash, and coins with their expansive collection of minimalist wallets, Bellroy's got their sights set on the next carry conundrum: your keychain. Their latest design is like a mix between a leather wallet and a swiveling key organizer, and it's as functional as it is elegant.

The way your keys load into the Key Cover is similar to the more common metal plate key organizers out there, but the setup is much more convenient. Up to 4 keys on the standard sized cover (or up to 8 keys on the larger Plus version) loop through an integrated elastic “keeper.” The keeper's design avoids the hassle of fussing with tiny screws and posts, and also adds a bit of give and travel when swiveling your keys out.

For a quiet and protected carry, your keys take cover inside a “bifold” design that snaps shut magnetically. Like most of Bellroy's wallets, the Key Covers are made with a high quality veg tan leather (in three different colors). On the outside, there's a leather loop for attaching a car fob (or maybe a split ring loaded with useful keychain gear). The result is lightweight, neatly organized key setup that carries comfortably in the pocket and won't scratch up the rest of your kit.

You can pick up a Key Cover in in two sizes and three colors over at Bellroy's shop at the link below.


Bellroy XO Barneys New York Collection

"Bellroy already makes nice wallets by any measure, but the Bellroy XO Barneys New York Collection is on a whole other level. The upcoming collection brings on five new colors including Ocean Blue (shown), Plum, and Midnight, reimagining five existing wallets with these full grain leathers as well as decking them out with inner nubuck lining, handpainted edges, and..." (via GearHungry)

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Bellroy All-Conditions Collection

You take your wallet with you everywhere. And whether you're up against a busy commute zipping through the city, roughing it in the great outdoors, or traveling to far-off destinations, your wallet should be tough enough for the ride. No stranger to quality EDC wallets, Bellroy dropped its newest range of zip pouches to be your single solution for carrying your essentials to new environments.

The Bellroy All Conditions collection includes a compact zip wallet, phone pocket, and general utility pouch, constructed from weather-resistant materials and hardware. Each offering comes with weather-resistant exteriors made from either full-grain veg tan leather or durable woven textiles to protect your valuables. A YKK AquaGuard water-repellent zipper helps seal off contents from the elements and adds an extra layer of security.

On the inside, things get even more interesting. The internal pocket layout differs among the Wallet, Phone Pocket, and Essentials Pocket, optimized to their respective applications. The Wallet has two slots for cash and coins, with enough room for 4-12 cards and something small, like a spare key. The Phone Pocket comes with a microfiber lining to keep your phone screen in good shape and accommodates 2-8 cards, coins, keys, or cash in its two additional pockets. Lastly, the Essentials Pocket's spacious, 5-pocket design offers the most utility. It's versatile enough to use for organizing your general EDC, consolidating travel documents (alongside its included micro travel pen), or for keeping your electronic devices dry.

For a thoughtfully designed carry option that balances durability, security, and minimalism, check out Bellroy's latest on their site at the link below.

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Bellroy Note Sleeve 2.0

It comes in three new colors. But those aren’t the only changes seen in Bellroy’s Note Sleeve 2.0. Its coin pocket and card slots have been rebalanced to let the wallet fold flat even when it’s filled to the brim with cards and cash. Flip it open and your three most used cards are revealed, with another in the banknote compartment. Jam the rest of your cards in the large compartment on the left side; revealing them takes just a quick tug of its pull tab. It’ll hold up to 11 cards comfortably and can even hide a few business cards instead of coins in the coin compartment, protected by a leather flap to keep coming out clean and crisp… (via GearHungry)

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Bellroy Phone Wallet

It would take an exceptionally well executed product to make phone case/wallet hybrids catch on, especially with the minimalist EDC crowd. While they aren’t anything new, you can chalk up their relative unpopularity to a couple of factors. First, most “folio” cases tend to add a ton of bulk to an already unwieldy generation of smartphones. Second, they don’t offer much else more than the convenience of keeping your phone and just a few of your cards in one place, which is a little risky in itself. With their strong existing lineup of slim wallets and quality phone covers, Bellroy stands the best chance of finally solving these problems with their new Phone Wallet.

True to their minimalist design, Bellroy shaves bulk off the traditional folio case using their stripped down pocket layout. Instead of lumping individual card slots all into the cover, the Phone Wallet distributes cards in more places for higher capacity in a sleeker silhouette: 2 cards fit in the front cover pocket, while up to 3 cards and once-folded cash tuck away behind the phone on the back of the case itself.

Small, thoughtful details add even more functionality to the wallet, like a microfiber-lined case interior to keep scratches to a minimum, hidden slots for a SIM card and pin for the traveling types, a leather tab on the cover for easier opening, and a thumb slot on the flap pocket for quicker access to your most used cards. The front cover even doubles as a kickstand for tabletop viewing.

If your goal is to carry less, you can have your bare essentials all in one place with this new hybrid wallet. They’re available in 3 colors for iPhone 6 and 6s Plus at the link below.


Bellroy Micro Sleeve

Leave it to the wallet experts at Bellroy to know that smaller doesn’t always mean better. Their new Micro Sleeve is one of their thinnest wallets yet. But it isn’t the smallest it could be—and it’s that thoughtful restraint that makes it also one of their easiest wallets to use. The Micro Sleeve takes the standard cardholder format with two external pockets to hold 2-4 frequently used cards and a pinch-to-open central pocket for two more cards and once-folded bills. The outer pockets are slanted to let you slide cards out with your thumb, and sized slightly larger for a secure hold without a frustratingly tight grip that other minimalist wallets tend to have. This gives more clearance in the central pocket to carry cash without the hassle of folding, while clever hinging of the leather lets you open it with just a pinch for super easy access. It's built from comfortable, luxurious, vegetable-tanned leather in multiple colorways to match your style. Grab one to carry just the essentials over at Bellroy’s website.


Bellroy Low Down

Bellroy’s offerings are already slim. But the Bellroy Low Down is the slimmest thanks to an even more minimalist approach, stripping away all non-essential features. The wallet is no bigger than it needs to be and boasts tapered edges to avoid creating unsightly pocket lines, room for two to ten cards… (via GearHungry)

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Bellroy Card Pocket

When it comes to carrying your tiniest gear, loose odds and ends, and occasional pocket change, a zip wallet is a convenient way to keep it all together. Bellroy’s latest offering, the Card Pocket, was designed with this in mind to securely store up to 15 cards, coins, and folded cash. It’s got plenty of subtle, functional details built-in that you’d expect from Bellroy, like slots for business cards, a SIM card, and a spare key. Available in a wide variety of colors, there’s sure to be one to match your carry. If you’re after a little wallet that holds a lot, the Card Pocket might be the one to seal the deal.


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This week's prize package features quality, understated gear with black and deep grey finishes that mean business. You can win a heavy duty messenger bag, a framelock flipper knife, a fully-featured bifold, a multitool shaped like a card, and some actual premium playing cards.

Bellroy Coin Fold

Like us, you’ve probably long given up wallets with coin pockets due to their unforgiving bulkiness. But the Bellroy Coin Fold may make you reconsider. This well-balanced wallet is constructed by minimized stacking of its full-grain vegetable tanned leather panels for a slimmer profile than most any leather wallets…

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Interview: Hadrien Monloup, Product Designer


Hadrien Monloup co-founded Bellroy, a popular wallet brand, as well as Carryology, an online resource for wallets and bags, on a mission to make a difference in the world of carry. In this interview, Hadrien shares his EDC, his approach to creating better ways to carry, and how to apply that mentality to life’s bigger obstacles.
What's in your everyday carry?
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What is your typical work day like, given your different roles as a business owner and product designer?
My role is evolving constantly. We now have an amazing team of designers at Bellroy that I proudly lead. I am still designing but less than before. I am now working more on “bigger picture” projects with Andrew, Jimmy Gleeson and our team, looking for new opportunities and building strategies to realize our ambition. Our role is to accumulate information and reduce uncertainty around ideas. That’s what design is about for us. We start by asking ourselves ‘How would it look and feel if this or that could do …’ and then create potential designs that give us a better idea of the size, impact and worth of a project. Our goal is to move fast to validate our ideas and find ways to release products that we love as fast as we can. It is a relentless evolution as much personal as it is professional.
From where do you draw inspiration?
I draw inspiration from various blogs, brands, books, music, travel and people. Inspiration for me, is not the go-to ‘thing’ when you run out of ideas. It is a way to see the world from different perspectives every day. My Dad, Hubert Monloup was a set designer for the Opera in France and his work is still one of my strongest sources of inspiration. His work ethic, creativity, and resilience are the three pillars I believe should form a good creative.
I was born and grew up in France, but moved to Australia a few years ago, and have been enjoying the cultural mix/clash since. I love how language shapes my thinking and the way I see the world. I love surfing Pinterest when I feel like procrastinating. It is a great way to look at interesting work in a fun way and share my findings with the rest of the team. My one year old son is reminding me how important it is to look at the world with excitement and marvel. How little things make a big difference. Have fun with it all. And try not to take anything too seriously, which I tend to forget.

We’ve seen how your passion for all things carry-related play into your profession. Do you have other interests that helped you get to where you are in your careeer?
I have been through a few career changes. From medical biology to product design, with a diploma in remedial massage therapy and a second Dan of Aikido. I love moving from different worlds and learning things that I didn’t think I could. Now with YouTube, Pinterest, blogs and ebooks, it is a fast track to get what I need to know and work on diverse projects. I love illustration, so I have a cintiq 13HD with me. I sketch on my notebook but move to digital pretty fast and keep my work with me on a portable hard drive.
Why do you EDC?
We move and live faster, so we need to be adaptable. The things I carry with me must help me transition between work and play. I need the capacity to turn ideas into actual product designs or switch between illustration drafts. I want my tools to be there for me and for it to be less about me adapting to them. I carry more tech with me these days than notebooks because I can access my work anywhere. It allows me to do a quick sprint on a project, get what’s on my mind out and move to the next project.
Everything needs to be compact and fit in a Tom Bihn Synapse 25 type of bag. Any more, and it gets too heavy or bulky to justify carrying every day. So I constantly look for better-sized notebooks, cable organizers, or anything that keeps weight or size down. I used to have a sunglasses hard case to keep my cables together in my bag and place it in those dead spaces of my backpack. I recently bought a Grid-It in a small size to see if that’s a better solution. I think I like it although I would love it to be more elegant.
Although you said you like to keep your daily carry compact and lightweight, is there anything you’ve seen that you’d really love to add to your carry? Of the things that’ve made the cut, what’s your favorite EDC item?
I’d love the Cintiq Companion. Less cables and restrictions. Other than that my Cristal Bic pen has been my favorite pen, for ever! Cheap, easily replaceable and it gives me a huge amount of line variations to work with. It’s great for sketching. And in thinking about types of sketching, I sketch without an eraser. My Dad taught me to start light and build my lines. Don’t erase, build.

It seems like you’re constantly moving from project to project. Could you tell us about some of your more recent work?
We have recently released a new range of wallets for the active, adventurer-types. It is a great feeling to release a wallet solution for all the cyclists and travelers out there that have been asking for an elegant product that can also perform. Their needs go beyond just slim when it comes to wallets or other carry. It was a challenging project, especially trying to get the right balance between the craft and beauty of leather goods with the performance we wanted. We have more new products coming very soon, so definitely keep an eye on Being part of such a fast growing business is so exciting — there’s always more to come.
You mentioned moving through different worlds and learning new things. To wrap this up, could you share some of that wisdom with us?
That’s a big question to answer in Frenglish (my French-English)!
How about this: Life is like a sketch. Maybe we could all benefit from approaching our lives in the same I like to approach sketching — with pen, no eraser. The fear of making a mistake will freeze your ability to try, learn, and potentially get it right faster. So instead we should build the lines, from light to heavy, layer by layer, with small corrections all the time. Enjoy watching the lines build on the paper, shadowing the better ones, while at the same time celebrating the frustrations that come with the process.
Talent is nothing without work. All those mistakes are not mistakes — just steps towards a better outcome. Maybe life, careers and projects are not so removed from the way I (and many others I know) approach sketching. Break down the big projects into small ones and test, prototype, again and again. I really believe it’s a faster way of getting closer to the ultimate goal. Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy the ride.

Photos courtesy of Hadrien Monloup and Bellroy.

Bellroy Carry Out

Whatever you’re carrying, Bellroy’s Carry Out has the room and organizational affinity to handle it, but also conforms to your needs — and the size of your jean pockets — for when you want just the essentials. The Carry Out includes compartments and slots for plenty of goods, including up to 16 cards, bank notes, coins, a pen, passport, your smartphone, and a spare SIM card. Then, two magnets lets the removable billfold pull out and snap right back in again afterwards, doubling as a sleeve when part of the bigger whole or as an ultra slim carrying option for a night on the town…

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