The Best Lighters and Fire Starters for Everyday Carry

When putting together your EDC, you'll want a kit that covers all the bases. For most of you, that means something to cut with, a way to light things up, and a multitool for everything else. But to be truly prepared, especially in some emergency or survival situations, you can't forget about having access to a flame. Fire is one of those primitive tools that even your state-of-the-art smartphone can't replace. And you don't have to start a full-on fire out in the woods to find a lighter useful. It can come in handy during your day-to-day for things like melting paracord or firing up the grill. In this guide, we're highlighting a ten of our favorite tools for starting a fire.

Must-Have Gear for Emergency Situations

So you've gone out on your first adventure, gear in tow. But then, trouble...

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If you're stuffing your everyday carry into a pair of raw denim jeans, chances are you've heard of Self Edge. Founded in 2006 by Kiya and Demitra Babzani in San Francisco, Self Edge has expanded to become one of the premier retailers for high end men's denim, shirts, leather goods, and accessories, with locations in San Francisco, New York, Portland, and Los Angeles. At their space on La Brea in Los Angeles, you'll find a carefully selected collection of menswear and essentials that share a distinct vintage feel that pays respect to the old-fashioned way of making a quality product through attention to detail and masterful craftsmanship. The denim experts at Self Edge can school you on all the nuances of the jeans they stock, like the material, construction, and fit, to hook you up with that perfect pair that you can buy for life and wear every day — similar to the process we EDCers go through when looking for our next piece of gear to add to the daily rotation. 

Their emphasis on beautiful, functional, vintage-inspired pieces carries over to their EDC accessories selection as well, as seen in their selection of keychains, wallets, pocketknives, lighters, and more. Founder Kiya Babzani sums it up best:

When it comes to EDC accessories we try to produce and stock functional items which last a lifetime with an emphasis on vintage design and materials.  We don't really do high-tech when it comes to materials, instead sticking with leather, sterling silver, and brass (hence the higher price on some items).  The wallets we sell are designed in such a way that they hold a lot, are comfortable to wear, and age very well over time because of the types of leather used (Japanese cowhide, shell cordovan, pigskin, etc..), and leather accessories really age best when they're hand-sewn.  With items like key clips, key fobs, and belt clips we prefer them to be made of sterling. Why not really elevate such a simple tool into a work of art that can't be mass manufactured with the same markings? The idea is that you can have something super functional and technical without having it look so modern.

Be sure to drop by Self Edge LA this Saturday for their Pop-Up Shop Launch Party to chill with denim enthusiasts, check out Self Edge's high-end vintage take on EDC gear and accessories, and browse some of the nicest jeans you'll ever see.

Photos courtesy of Self Edge