The 10 Best Affordable Dive Watches of 2017


Whether you’re just diving into a huge workload at your desk, or actually spending some time deep underwater, one thing is clear — a dive watch would be great to have on your wrist. You don’t need to be a diver to appreciate these high-performing, beautifully designed, and undoubtedly utilitarian timepieces for everyday use. In this Carry Smarter guide, you’ll get familiar with the basics of dive watches, what features to look for when buying a diver, and our picks for the best and most affordable options for 2017 to help you take the plunge into the world of dive watches.

A Crash Course on Dive Watches

The purpose of a dive watch is to monitor how long you’ve been underwater, and more importantly - how much air you have left in your tank. They’ve been around since the turn of the 20th century and continue to be both fashionable and useful to this day.

The quintessential dive watch has an immediately recognizable look. They're larger (around 42mm), feature a rotating bezel, and rest on a metal bracelet or rubber strap. 

Dive watches are ideal for EDC because they’re built like tanks, they’re easy to read, and they look just plain cool.

4 Hallmarks of Dive Watches

Water Resistance: If you’re buying a dive watch, it should have proper water resistance. While most watches claim 50m of water resistance, that really means that it will survive hand washes and maybe a shower. When looking at dive watches, 200m (660 feet!) of water resistance is common ground. If you plan on having a watch that will stand up to swimming, showering—and of course—diving, be sure to choose something with a high level of water resistance.

Build Quality: Divers entrust their watches with their lives to be able to know precisely how much time they have underwater. For dive watches, reliable durability and construction are critical. Look for a dive watch with a well-built case, a strong crystal (mineral and sapphire are best), and a good strap or bracelet. A solid dive watch will last for decades if maintained, and you can easily buy an heirloom piece in the $200 range.

Movement: The slight bump in price from our Military Watch Guide opens up more options for the type of movement that powers the watch. Automatic movements are popular in the diver market as they don’t require a battery. Automatic watches “wind” from the motion of your arm, so they’ll keep ticking as long as you keep them on your wrist. Also seen in this class of watches are day/date features, adding to the utility of the timepiece.

Legibility: When underwater, it’s crucial to know exactly how long you’ve been diving. The bezel, a key component of the dive watch, tells you exactly that. The bezel’s “12 o’clock” dot can be rotated to match up with the minute hand to keep track of time. As the minute hand moves, you can see how many minutes have elapsed by reading the bezel number as opposed to the watch face. Higher-end watches feature unidirectional bezels that only rotate counterclockwise to avoid accidentally overestimating how much time is left. Dive watches usually have large, illuminated indices (the hour and minute markings on the face) that are easy to read. This illumination (or “lume” in the watch world) not only looks awesome, but it helps you quickly tell time when the lights are out.

With the features to look for in a dive watch in mind, here are some of our favorite examples for this year—all coming in at around $250.

The 10 Best Affordable Dive Watches for EDC

Casio MDV106-1A

The Casio MDV106-1A is the most inexpensive watch on this list at well under $200, but Casio didn't get to where they are today producing cheap, low-quality watches. This watch is a great entry point into the dive watch look without having to commit to the full mechanical experience (and price). Its 45mm case diameter is as big as they come, and its 200m water resistance, screw-down crown, and screw-lock back preserve its Japanese quartz movement from the water. Excellent features for a dive watch at a very affordable price point.

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Orient FAA02002D9 "Mako II"

Orient's Submariner homage gets everything right. It pays its respects to the quintessential dive watch design, but makes some very attractive tweaks to make it their own. The Arabic numerals, date window, sword hands, and striking red accent on the second hand are all welcome aesthetic choices, enhancing its look without overdoing it. The rest of the watch is solid: stainless steel bracelet, in-house automatic movement, 200m water resistance and mineral crystal window all give great value to the watch as well as the wearer, given how inexpensive it is. The  Orient Mako II is a great starting point to jump into the deep end of dive watches. The Mako II features an improved movement with a hacking seconds hand, the ability to hand wind, and an improved bezel that now has 120 clicks (vs. 60).

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Seiko SKX173

It's hard to talk about dive watches without mentioning one from Seiko's popular SKX series. These tried-and-true ISO certified dive watches are some of the best out there, especially given the price. As an alternative to the common SKX007, we like the SKX173. In place of the circular indices on the 007, the 173 has squares. It gives the watch a unique look, further separating it from the pack of submariner homages. You still get the reliable Seiko movement, 200m of water resistance, and strong mineral crystal.

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Citizen Eco-Drive BN0151-09L Promaster Diver Watch

Citizen's Eco Drive Promaster is their take on the dive watch. On the outside, you'll find a unidirectional bezel, chunky tool-like case, and classic dive watch styling. Inside, there's Citizen's Eco Drive technology. It keeps the watch ticking via solar power, so you never have to worry about replacing a battery. At just under $175, the Promaster is a great value too.

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Timex Expedition T49799

The Timex Expedition series of watches go the extra mile in providing quality timepieces packed with features but not weighed down by price. The T49799 takes the brand under the waves, giving you everything you need for your next dive. The watch itself is beefy, with 44 millimeters of shock-resistant stainless steel sealed, chunky rivets and a mineral crystal window rated for 200m. The signature Timex Indiglo provides ample illumination for dark and murky environments, and its chronograph dials handle all your timing needs. An outer bezel Tachymeter and date window round out the watch's data features.

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Seiko SRP779

2017 is seeing the revival of a ton of vintage watches, especially from Seiko. They've updated their classic “turtle” diver with modern materials and construction. The SRP779's case is gently curved so it's very comfortable on the wrist. You'll also get 200m of water resistance, a unidirectional bezel, Hardlex mineral crystal and a day-date display. If you're looking for a diver with some vintage flair, check out the SRP series.

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Orient Ray Raven II

The Orient Ray Raven II has a blacked-out PVD coating that adds extra durability and a stealthy appearance that'll look great on your wrist no matter the occasion. The watch has 200M of water resistance, which is more than enough for swimming and diving. The solid metal caseback and screw down crown add an extra barrier against water and dust. The Ray Raven’s large hands and indices are treated with Super Luminova paint. It casts a bright green glow when charged by the sun or your EDC flashlight and lasts for hours. Like most dive watches, the Raven Ray II features a unidirectional bezel for tracking elapsed time.

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Seiko SNZF17

This diver is from Seiko’s popular “5 Series” of watches. Each watch in the 5 Series features automatic winding, a day/date display, water resistance, a recessed crown, and a durable case and bracelet. This particular watch features a more vintage look thanks to the wide bezel and round indices on the face. The black face nicely accents the stainless steel and the transparent casebook allows you to see the mechanical movement in motion. The SNZF17 also comes on a stainless steel bracelet, which adds to the value of this affordable diver.

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Deep Blue Nato Diver 300

At first glance, Deep Blue's Nato Diver 300 may not stand out all that much. It's when you get into the spec sheet that you realize what a great value this tool diver really is. For just under 300 bucks, you get a sapphire crystal with AR coating, a helium release valve, and a premium finished 316L steel case. A Seiko movement keeps the watch running, with a built in day-date display. The Nato Diver also boasts 300m of water resistance and a comfy rubber strap.


Seiko SRP315J1 "Orange Monster"

You can't have a list about dive watches (regardless of the price) and not mention the Seiko Monster. This timepiece sets the bar for the value you get from an  automatic watch, regardless of price or brand. From its mammoth 45mm case design to its reliable 4r36 movement to the most aggressive lume applied on a production    watch, the list of its features just goes on and on. This new SRP315J1 takes all the respectable features of its predecessor and improves on all its former weaknesses. Its second hand can now be stopped (hacked) during adjustment, its crown is easier to grip, it has a more thematic and less complicated face, and they've somehow made its lume even brighter. Make no mistake, its nickname is "Monster" for a reason.

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Now that you know a thing or two about dive watches, how they could fit into your EDC, and examples of budget-friendly options, you’re ready to get your feet wet with a diver of your own. What dive watch is next on your list? What watches did we miss? We want to hear what’s on your wrist (or wishlist for now!) — leave us a comment below.

This post was updated on March 8th, 2017 with more recent product recommendations.

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So big on your wrist, it makes you look like a kid wearing his dad's watch
Recently i have gifted my husband Victorinox Swiss Army watch, bought at but i wants in squire dial. You have a collection like that? if yes then suggest me how to buy it?
Nice article, very good recommendations!
I just got one from Boutique von Burg -
I didn't know that dive watches go back to the 17th century. Found this article in their website about the history of how underwater and waterproof watches were invented in the 18th century for the wealthy but then industrially produced in the 20th century by some of the luxury brands we know today. It's an interesting read. You can read about it here
This dive watch collection is really something and the list is just a treat for any watch collector for the variation of colors show vast choices for owners or you could look up a new wear at and find the timepiece for your wrist.
Raven is another brand that should have made the list. The Raven Trekker 40 is probably the best EDC Diver made. Stunning looks and a robust movement along with an affordable price ($750) for what you're getting.
As I know, If any diver will look for dive watches then damn sure they will go with best of it. And at an affordable price, I don't think so there will be any better than Doxa Sub dive watches.
What's the point? I thought the Diver's watch has to have some kind of barometer to measure the depth. These are just watches! Marketing BS
I will ne receiving a Seiko SKX007K1 for my 54th B-Day in Sept 2017!

Less than $200, ISO-6425 Certified, infinite Mods for it, automatic and extremely reliable.

I think I'm making the right choice… Well my wife is making the right choice. ;-)
I'm currently torn between the and 173, 007, or just paying $100 more and getting the srp 777
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The watches in the list are all great options. I also, recommend checking out Momentum Watches. I now have 3 of these in my collection and love them. They keep great time, looks great and have a rock solid build.
Crazy. Marathon watches are the best "dive" watches for the price. Very easy for the team to sync to the second if something needs to be perfectly timed. You can see it in murky water. It's so bright that you have to flip it to the inside of your wrist if you're shooting at night. It's pretty indestructible. When the battery runs low it does the 4 second skip for many months so you have time to get a new battery if you're in a place where shipping takes forever. For less than a grand you can't beat it. Haha... G shock. Cmon fellas.
Nothing wrong with g shoxk5. And under a grand? Lmao
G-Shocks are issued to Navy SEALs. If they're good enough for them, they're good enough for any of us.
I don't wear wristwatches. If I did this article and the comments would give me plenty to mull over. However, I just gotta say that the top two photos are really well done and are so good I feel like I should get a wristwatch. Nice shots.
Thanks, appreciate the kind words! I didn't think I'd "need" a watch, and now I feel so lost without it.
Snzf17 is only rated to 100m, and from personal experience mine died in less than 10m. Watch ratings are bollocks. No recreational diver will ever reach 200m but this is the Rating you need if it is to have half a chance at 40m.
I have the Casio MDV106-1A and love it. I put on a velcro strap as i prefer then to the rubber ones. Next to buy will be the 007.
Casio watches are great. I have an old Casio Men's AMW320 (at least 15 years old) with a Gold face and love it. I was going to purchase a 007, but already had an SKX175 (Pepsi bezel) and went with a Momentum Torpedo Pro 44 instead. It's a great piece. It came with a nice rubber strap, but I switched it our for Maratac Zulu strap. I wear it nearly every day.

Good hunting!
I just had a look at the Momentum Torpedo Pro 44 online, its very nice. Shame about the price in the UK for it though. I had a Nato strap on my MDV106 for a while then changed to a Time Factors Velcro Strap and its still going strong.
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