Zippo Classic Black Matte

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Genuine Zippo Lighter with Distinctive Zippo ClickAll metal construction; windproof design works virtually anywhereRefillable for a lifetime of use; flints are replaceableMade in...


Peanut Capsule Lighter

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Lighter is 2x0.6 inches
weighs approx. 0.88 ounces (25 grams) when empty
These use liquid naphtha fuel, and use standard flints, available at most grocery and hardware...


Zippo Slim Black Matte Lighter

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Zippo lighter with slim profile and matte black, powder coat finish
Bottom stamp ensures authenticity
Sturdy construction and windproof flame
Made in the USA


Maratac Titanium Peanut Lighters

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Classic Zippo lighter with a brushed chrome finishPackaged in a gift boxAll metal construction; windproof design works virtually anywhereRefillable for a lifetime of use; flints...


Thunderbird butane soft flame

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The Vector Thunderbird Torch Insert will instantly convert your lighter into a butane soft yellow flame. Just remove the original lighter insert and replace with this...


Bic Mini Lighter

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BIC Mini Lighter


Bic Lighter

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Full size bic lighter


Zippo Venetian Brass Lighter

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All metal construction; windproof design works virtually anywhere


Coghlans Flint Striker

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Flint striker
Lasts for thousands of strikes
For use in any weather or altitude
This tool works just as well when wet
Includes handle, striker, fire starter,...


Colibri Monza Lighter

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Colibri T10001LI Monza Matte Black Anodized Red Lighter.


Maratac Stainless Steel Peanut XL Lighter

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Zippo Orange Matte Lighter

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Made in the USAlifetime warranty from manufacturergreat for collectors and also to be used everyday Get fired up with this genuine Zippo windproof lighter. The latest version in a...


Zippo Brushed Chrome Lighter 1941

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Genuine zippo lighter with distinctive zippo click Exterior: flat planes with sharper, less rounded edges where front and back surfaces meet sides


Alfred Dunhill Rollagas Lighter

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