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Classic Zippo lighter with a brushed chrome finishPackaged in a gift boxAll metal construction; windproof design works virtually anywhereRefillable for a lifetime of use; flints...


MecArmy Ti Compass

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Length: 27.45mm / 1.08in Width: 22.5mm / 0.886in High: 8.6mm / 0.34in Weight: 9g / 0.32oz
Fluorescence: Glow in the dark (Max running time up to 6 hours)


Zippo Venetian Brass Lighter

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All metal construction; windproof design works virtually anywhere


Bic Lighter

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Full size bic lighter


550 Paracord Bracelet

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Approximately one foot of paracord per one inch of bracelet, unravels quickly and easily for use. Paracord is rated at a 550-pound test break strength and is rot, mildew, and fade


Zippo Classic Black Matte

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Genuine Zippo Lighter with Distinctive Zippo ClickAll metal construction; windproof design works virtually anywhereRefillable for a lifetime of use; flints are replaceableMade in...


Leatherman Wingman

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420HC Combo Knife, Spring-action Regular Pliers, Spring-action Needlenose Pliers, Spring-action Wire Cutters


Fire Piston

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100% made in the USA!!
Great survival fire starting device that uses air
My fire piston does not cost a fortune But works like it should FAST SHIPPING
YOU will...


Zojirushi SM-SA60-BA

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20oz. capacity with 1-1/2" opening



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The SWAT-T is a latex-free multipurpose device!
Tourniquet,Pressure Dressing, and Elastic Bandage
It has been advanced aged and heat/cold tested.
The SWAT-T's shelf...


Ferro Rod

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Ferrocerium rod is made from Iron, Magnesium and mostly of an alloy of rare earth metals called mischmetal with an excellent pyrophoric percentage : 98%min.
Diameter: 1/2"(12...


Exotac NanoStriker XL

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Ultra-portable for key ring, pocket and neck carryReplaceable 1/4" Ferrocerium rod works when wetMore than 3000 fire-starting strikesCollapsible self-contained fire starterMade in...


Clipper Metal Lighter

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Bic Mini Lighter

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BIC Mini Lighter


Brunton New Firestorm Stormproof Lighter

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Windproof to 80 mph winds
Great for emergency and everyday use
Refills with premium butane fuel
Reliable for over 30,000 ignitions
Waterproof w/sealable lid...