ASP Baton

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Zippo Vintage

Vintage Series, 1937 Replica Zippo Pocket Lighter with a high polish chrome finish and slashes
Packaged in a gift box
All metal construction; windproof design works...


550 Paracord Bracelet

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Approximately one foot of paracord per one inch of bracelet, unravels quickly and easily for use. Paracord is rated at a 550-pound test break strength and is rot, mildew, and fade


Zippo Classic Black Matte

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Genuine Zippo Lighter with Distinctive Zippo ClickAll metal construction; windproof design works virtually anywhereRefillable for a lifetime of use; flints are replaceableMade in...


Leatherman Wingman

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420HC Combo Knife, Spring-action Regular Pliers, Spring-action Needlenose Pliers, Spring-action Wire Cutters


Zojirushi SM-SA60-BA

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20oz. capacity with 1-1/2" opening


True Utility Fire Stash

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Miniature waterproof lighter that perfectly fits on you key ring Essential for camping or smoking



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Classic Zippo lighter with a brushed chrome finishPackaged in a gift boxAll metal construction; windproof design works virtually anywhereRefillable for a lifetime of use; flints...


Ambu Res-Cue Key CPR Mask

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This is a multi-pack of keychain CPR Masks so you have them where needed, or enough to share with family and friends.


True Utility TU262 FireStash Miniature Key Ring Lighter

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Tiny key-ring canister holds fully working lighter
Waterproof and refillable with extendable wick
Attach to your key-ring for essential outdoor use
Manufactured of...


Platypus SoftBottle

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Exotac NanoStriker XL

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Ultra-portable for key ring, pocket and neck carryReplaceable 1/4" Ferrocerium rod works when wetMore than 3000 fire-starting strikesCollapsible self-contained fire starterMade in...


Ronson Jetlite

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Refillable One Year Warranty Windproof Child Resisant Adjustable Jet Flame


P-38 Can Opener

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Made in the USA by US Shelby (Make sure they are stamped US Shelby to guarntee made in the USA)Combo Pack1 - P38 Can Opener, 1 1/2" Long1 - P51 Can Opener, 2" LongFits on Key...


readyman wilderness survival card

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Fishhooks (9 total)
Arrows (Trident, Small Game, Broad-Head)
Snare Locks that double as fishing lures
Awl, Sewing Needles, Tweezers
Saw blades (course and fine...