Victorinox Climber

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Compact multitool is ideal for rugged outdoorsy types, with essential implements that maximize usefulness while keeping bulk to a minimum
Large and small blades, corkscrew,...


Victorinox Nail Clippers

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Victorinox Nail clippers with nail file, stainless
in Blister
Victorinox Nail clippers with nail file, stainless...


Victorinox Classic SD

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Contains six stainless-steel toolsTools include knife blade, scissors, nail file with screwdriver tip, toothpick, and tweezersIncludes key ringMeasures just 2-1/4 inches...


Victorinox Cadet Alox

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A sturdy compact multi-tool from everyone's favorite Swiss knife company. All stainless steel tools and aluminum handle. Lifetime warranty.


Victorinox Farmer

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Compact outdoor multi-tool designed for all-around use


Victorinox 2.5" Baker's knife

Perfect Purchase for a Gift
Great craftmanship
A Must Buy Item...


Victorinox Jettsetter

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The Victorinox Jetsetter is the perfect gift for frequent fliers. This swiss made multitool has no blades & passes safely through TSA.
Useful combination tool features a...


Victorinox minichamp Alox

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Swiss made
Silver Alox...


Victorinox Swiss Army Tourist Pocket Knife (Red)

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Compact pocket knife with 11 tools
Acid-resistant plastic and aluminum handle
100% stainless steel components
Features blades, can and bottle openers, corkscrew,...


Victorinox Swiss Army Secretary Pocket Knife (Silver Alox)

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Compact pocket knife with two tools
Acid-resistant plastic and aluminum handle
100% stainless steel components
Features a small and large blade
Comes with a...


Victorinox Spirit

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Tool includes: Pliers; multiple flat and Phillips screwdrivers; bottle, crate, and can openers; large and serrated blades


Victorinox Manager

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Manager includes 10 unique features including blade, mini-screwdriver tip, ball point pen and scissorsBottle opener with mini-phillips screwdriver that is perfect for assistance...


Victorinox Belt Hanger

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The Victorinox 33548 is an excellent belt hanger that will hold your Swiss Army Knife on your side. This belt hanger is made of leather and stainless steel, a durable material that will hold your precious pocket knife in place.


Victorinox EvoWood 17

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Contains 9 Implements with 13 Different Functions
Ergonomic handles made of natural walnut
Includes 2.5" Blade, Nail File, Serrated-edge Scissors, Can Opener, Large and...


Victorinox Alox Pioneer X

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The Pioneer X is the first Pioneer Swiss Army Knife ever to feature a pair of precision scissors. And you'll find them all in the same beautifully designed, remarkably durable and...