Gerber Mini Paraframe

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Frame lock handle designLightweight open stainless steel handlesSturdy pocket clipBlade Material: High Carbon StainlessBlade Type: Fine...


Gerber Dime

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Stainless steel pliers, wire cutters, a fine edge blade, spring-loaded scissors, flathead screwdriver, crosshead driver, tweezers and file - all made to fit in your pocket.


Gerber Shard

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Don't let its size fool you, this keychain tool is the perfect companion when you want just the basics. It is light enough to carry on a keychain and backed by a lifetime warranty.


Gerber 31-001880 Impromptu Tactical Pen, Black

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Rugged, machined steel body and stainless steel pocket clip keeps this pen handy
"Rite in the Rain" ink cartridge works in all conditions, inside and outdoors


Gerber Dime Travel

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Gerber Crucial 30-000016

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Eight function Gerber multitool.


Gerber 31-000206 Curve, 7 Function Pocket Tool, Gray

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Curve knife is a small compact sized pocket tool
Cool design with fashion in mind
Fine edge blade
Comfortable cool design...


Gerber 22-41830 EAB Pocket Knife

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Accepts standard or contractor grade utility blade Liner lock safety Pocket clip doubles as money clip Overall length 4.1-Inch, closes length 2.4-Inch


Gerber Suspension Multi Plier

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Spring-loaded pliersSaf.T.PlusOpen frame designComponents included on the Gerber Suspension: Needlnose pliers, wire cutter, fine edge knife, serrated edge knife, saw, scissors,...


Gerber 31-002521 GDC Money Clip

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This sleek GDC Money Clip, capably housing its nimble blade within a 3.6- inch body, stows easily in a pocket. True to the always ready EDC lifestyle.


Gerber 07550 Needlenose Multi-Plier 600, Black

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14 fully locking tools in one multitool
Components include needlenose pliers, wire tools, cutting tools, screwdrivers, and more
One-handed opening pliers with a flick of...


Gerber MP600

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Gerber 22-41770 Artifact Pocket Keychain Tool

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Pocket-sized companion, offering plenty of functionality in a minimalist package. With a #11 hobby blade, flat and Phillips drivers, wire stripper, pry bar, and more.


Gerber Paraframe

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Frame lock handle design Lightweight, open stainless steel handles Titanium nitrate-coated blade Overall length: 7.01" Length closed length: 4.11"


Gerber Edict

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3.6" Fine edge Tanto blade
154CM blade steel with ceramic coating
Rubberized diamond texture handle...