Trayvax summit wallet

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Designed to carry up to 8 cards
3D Progressive Stamped Steel Frame
Corrosion-resistant Electro Coated Paint
Mil-Spec 17337 1" Nylon Webbing
Built using the...


Trayvax Axis Wallet

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Designed to fit 1-14 cards and 1-8 bills
Tumbled stainless steel hinged plates
Cash clip, key/coin holder, adjustable card tray
RFID-resistant enclosed design for...


Trayvax Original Wallet

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Trayvax Original is a military-grade metal wallet designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Crafted by hand in the USA, Trayvax Original combines anodized aircraft aluminum


Trayvax Ascent

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Made in USA
Minimalist leather wallet and credit card holder
Designed to fit 4-7 cards and up to 5 bills
Convenient pull tab provides quick access to credit cards...


Trayvax Link Quick-Release Lanyard

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Trayvax Keyton

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Trayvax Wallet

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Designed to carry up to 10 cards and 5 bills
Anodized Aircraft Aluminum Frame and E-Coated Steel Backplate
Heat-Resistant Elastic Retaining Strap
Type III 550...


Trayvax Contour Wallet

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Trayvax Summit Wallet Liner

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