My Everyday Carry

Bookseller in Raleigh, NC

This is my daily carry outside of work. I don’t carry a bag so I need to keep it streamlined to fit in my jeans without being bulky. I have something for each pocket, including my grandfather’s Omega in the watch pocket. I keep my keys on my belt loop, and the Bottlehook’s open hook design is perfect for easy on/easy off. I keep the earbuds connected to my phone in my front pocket and use the inline remote so I don’t have to fish my phone out to use it. The Bellroy Card Sleeve is definitely a minimalist’s wallet, but it easily holds six cards and that’s all I need. I’ve had this same carry for a while now and it works great for me. The one thing I’d change is I’d swap the Micra for a Squirt, since the Squirt has all of the blades, etc. on the outside. I find it a bit of a hassle to have to flip the Micra open every time I need a tool.

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The pocket watch caught my eye but the mustache wax sold me. Great visual. Very well thought out and functional.