My Everyday Carry

Architect in Los Angeles, CA

I am an architect based in Los Angeles. These are the items that I carry with me everyday to my office, job sites and around town. The Rhodia notebook fits in my shirt pocket and is a bright orange color that I can also  easily find when it’s in my bag.  The small size of the Kingston flash drive is great, but I have found it easy to misplace it. I have a small green binder clip (available at most office supply stores) attached to my Kingston flash drive so I can clip it to the pocket in my bag or tote and this way I always know where it is. The wallet is made by Alice Park and it is a smart design with a nice color. The key holder is also made by Alice Park and there are a number of different ways that I use it, in my pocket, around my neck or looped around the handle of my bag.

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What frame color/lens combination are the sunglasses?