My Everyday Carry


submitted by Sebastian

So here’s my EDC

Always with me: 
- iPod Touch 32GB
- Wallet: Oxmox Moneybox (under the iPod)
- Spyderco Ambitious
- Light: Fenix E01
- Gerber Artifact
- Swiss + Tech Tool
- Samsung Outdoor Cell Phone B2100 with LED light. (Completely adequate if you don’t need to browse the Internet. It’s very rugged. I’m sure you can drive over it with your car and it still works.)
- Moleskine Ruled Notebook
- Parker Jotter, stainless steel
- Paracord Bracelet
- Paracord lanyard for my keys with a little knot-cross (learned from stormdrane’s blog)
- USB-Stick 2GB

With me most of the time:
- One of these knifes: Walther BlackTac (Cheap, but the quality is very good for the price, about 25 Euros) or the Eickhorn PRT IV
- Victorinox Spirit Tool
- Kubotan: Böker SO4PRO-K Titanium
- My girlfriend. It’s her legs in the background;)

I love your website. I learned a lot, it’s very inspiring. Some of my stuff, I just bought because I saw it here, and I knew needed to get it (The fenix and the spyderco for example). So keep up the good work.

Editor’s Note: Some nice pieces in there, I like your paracord work too. For your on-person EDC I’d recommend looking into a pocket multitool to consolidate and replace the Artifact and Swisstech tool. I just personally weren’t impressed by them, so there’s a chance you could something that works even better and reduces bulk in your daily carry. I like the choice of the Parker, Ambitious and Swisstool though. Thanks for the encouraging words and carry on.

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