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What I carry everyday. Left to right

Omega Seamaster
Gap repurposed wallet
Peter Atwood G5b
Swiss Army Manager attached to keys
Modified Zebra 701 with bit driver
Generic notepad. 

Editor’s Note: Neat little setup here. Nice minimalism and I like the DIY effort you’ve put into your carry to make it unique and even more practical. Just look at that awesome F-701 mod! It looks like you’ve replaced the tailcap with a bit driver and repositioned the clip at the other end. It’s a pretty clever idea — that way you can get added functionality of two drivers and with the repositioned clip you don’t have to worry about accidental leaks in your pocket (which I can’t imagine happening wih the F701 considering how robust it is!). I just imagine that actually using the driver installed into the retractable tailcap might be an issue… Anyway, nice watch and great choice of the Manager on your keychain. I’ve got one too! I would suggest maybe just adding a small keychain light considering you’ve got some space on your keyring. Using a McGizmo clip with it like you do with your SAK you can keep it modular for when you do want to carry a light.

Overall, good carry, great mod too. Thanks for sharing!


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Looks aside, let’s focus on how the Fitzroy helps you carry: the main compartment lets you store a laptop (up to 15”) and an iPad-sized tablet in their own dedicated spaces. Underneath the main flap is a small zip pocket perfect for any accessories or power cables that you might need throughout the day. There’s also a slip pocket on the back that gives you easy access to your phone when you need it.

As important as design is, it’s the build quality of this bag that makes it stand out from the pack. Water resistant waxed canvas keeps your essentials safe from rain and spills, while the genuine leather trimming adds durability to the buckles and zippers. If you tend to EDC electronics and want to keep them protected, the Fitzroy Satchel might be the bag for you.

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