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Cool blog!  I came across it while looking for a replacement for a keychain SAK that is now the property of the TSA.  

Bag dump:

LV coin purse: extra contact lenses, band-aids, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment, safety pins, q-tips, tiny tube of hand lotion (refillable), feminine supplies.

— handkerchief

— iPhone (Japanese lacquer decals, hand-applied)

— earbuds in little coin case

Mont Blanc pen

— teeny notepad, 31 very thin sheets, goes in the wallet.  

— patent leather card case used as a wallet. Huge wallets are marketed toward women, but all I need is that little case.

— pill box

— key chain: mini e-gear flashlight, USB drive.  USB drive has a metal casing; switched out the cellphone charm type lobster clip for a sturdier clip.

True Utility nall clipper kit.  Has a blade, nail file, scissors, and has replaced the above-mentioned SAK and the separate nail clipper I used to carry.

— mini screwdriver set on same ring, with an extra clip to clip to key leash in the bag.

— eye drops (sit in front of a computer all day…), lip balm

— business card case

— watch, bracelet, necklace: everyday wear rather than carry, and I thought the Cartier screw motif and the Tiffany key on a ball chain were thematically appropriate to EDC…

Editor’s Note: Hi Yana, thanks for sharing… I appreciate thorough explanations of your purse contents (most of the time I have no idea what’s going on in a woman’s purse, haha). I can tell your load out is very well thought out and I admire that you still manage to keep things nice and compact despite the temptation of overcarrying, which is common when people have a dedicated bag for EDC (in this case, presumably a purse of some sort). Keeping a shoulder bag, purse, or what have you lightweight is important for comfort and ergonomics too. As for your kit, good job on utilizing the popular ‘pack in pack’ approach with smaller sundry items in your LV pouch, earbuds in a coin purse, separate wallet, etc. This lets you have a more ‘modular’ setup if you switch bags, making adjustments to your EDC convenient and painless. The coin pouch should both protect your earbuds and prevent tangling, improving retrieval out of your bag too. The tools you choose to carry make sense, don’t seem out of place, and offer a good variety of utility. I also like the attention to detail on your keychain, swapping out your USB’s clip for something more sturdy. Retention is key when it comes to smaller, fragile items like that. Overall there are plenty of good concepts going on in this carry and it’s a good example of a nicely planned EDC, with some item choices other people could look into. Thanks for sharing and carry on! 


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