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Rolex 5513 Gilt Explorer dial. My all time favorite timepiece. Typically on my TAD khaki NATO strap.

 • Vintage brass money clip. This clip has an unusually nice shape with a very long backside. It was originally pulled from a leather wallet/clip combo. I lost this once on the train and it was impossible to find a perfect replacement. So lucky I got it back.

 • JH Audio JH16 Pro. The nicest sounding ear monitors I’ve ever tried. Case is a black snap case originally sold with Jabra JX-10 bluetooth headsets. I fell so head-over-heels for this case that I’ll often buy an old NIB headset on eBay just for the case and throw/give away the headset. It’s double layerd, rough texture on the outside that keeps it from moving around in your pocket and nylon on the inside which keeps it water resistant. I’ve used this one for a few years and it wears in beautifully over time. Snaps open and shut by squeezing the edges.

 • Hinderer XM-18 3” Generation II w/ Brown Micarta scale.

 • LiteFlux LF2XT modified by Steve Ku with Berillium Copper replacement body, Moddoo clip, neutral XP-G & yellow trit. LiteFlux stopped making lights awhile back and I can’t figure out why. The LF2XT is the nicest EDC light I’ve ever come across. The UI is great, first press turns on moonlight mode with momentary high available by holding the switch down. AAA cells are also plentiful and easy to find.

 • iPhone 4S w/ Titanium Raw Armor replacement back from Más Elements & leather slip case from Makr Carry Goods. The leather case protects the phone well against other pocket items and the titanium back is great for just throwing it down anywhere while using it and not worrying about cracking the back.

 Now shown: Keys & wedding ring.

Editor’s Note: Really awesome carry there, but obviously all of that comes with a price… It’s hard to make a recommendation here as it’s clear you know your gear, so instead I’d rather highlight parts of your carry. I like how you’re able to blend vintage and tech gear but keep it minimal and functionally cohesive. There’s very little overlap, and each piece does its job very well (if not the best in its class) and takes up little pocket space. The JH16 Pros are probably the best portable hi-fi IEM solution, the modded LF2XT offers a fantastic UI as you already mentioned in an elegant, sleek package, Hinderer knives can take tons of abuse, the Rolex is classic, and even your phone is well protected with high quality materials. I also like that IEM case.. it seems like a convenient way to carry, protect and access something that doesn’t generally carry well in a pocket. Overall, a carry like this isn’t necessarily what people should strive for (more expensive doesn’t always mean better, depending on your situation and all), but it’s a good example of how you can invest in your EDC to achieve performance and durability in a completely useable system. I would be very satisfied to carry this exact setup. Thanks for sharing.

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Chances are, you don't really think much about your everyday duffel bag. It gets the job done, plain and simple. You load it up, knock it around, and it keeps on trucking. So if you need a bag for that kind of hard use, you'd better get one that's built from the ground up to be indestructible. Especially one that's backed by a lifetime warranty to carry for the long haul.

AMABILIS out of Seattle have made the DAVE Jr Duffel 2.0, designed with everyday carry and ruggedness at its core. It uses some of the toughest materials available to keep your gear protected. This includes double-layer military-grade tarpaulin for a weatherproof  body, with a superfabric bottom that integrates ceramic plates to prevent wear and tear when propping up the DAVE on rough terrain. Of course mil-spec fittings and YKK zippers make an appearance as well. There's two ways to carry the DAVE (sling and with a side handle) making it suitable for everyday carry, and it's sized for TSA-compliant carry on dimensions, which make it handy for flights.

The DAVE Jr Duffel 2.0's already met its funding goal, and there's plenty of time to back one in the color of your choice at the Kickstarter link below.

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