My Everyday Carry


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My everyday carry:

Usually no knife or torch, but I have two Victorinox swiss army knifes; in my desk drawer at work and next to my bed at home.

Love the site and now definitely thinking of investing in an Al Mar pocket knife

Editor’s Note: Hi James, thanks for the support! You’ve got a good carry going with some great pieces — love the Speedy, vintage lighter and Kaweco. I see you have to deal with carrying those bulky key cards, I wish I knew of a better solution to slim that down. Otherwise, your carry is pretty streamlined albeit lacking a primary blade or multitool as you mentioned. Your phone should do okay as a torch in a pinch, but it couldn’t hurt to invest in a small 1xAAA light to throw onto your keys. Lastly, if you’re looking at Al Mar, I say go for it! I think they would fit into your carry quite nicely, functionally and aesthetically speaking. Thanks for sharing!

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