My Everyday Carry


  • Extra batteries, chapstick, glasses cleaner, etc

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Taxi driving loadout. From left to right (roughly):.

This kit has served me well, although I’m always refining my loadout. Follow my taxi adventures on Twitter @noahcab.

These are the items I carry on my actual person while working. Not pictured are the backup tools I always have handy in my satchel under the seat:

Editor’s Note: Hi Noah, very nice kit! You say you’re always refining your loadout and it definitely reflects in your carry. I like how your gear has elements of quality, style, cohesiveness, personalization and practicality for your occupation, so well done. I’d also say your extended kit does a good job of complementing your on-person carry too. One thing I’m curious to see is how you manage your keys, being a cab driver and all, but for all I know there might be restrictions on that. But anyway very nice carry, thanks for sharing.

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