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Editor’s Note: This du can step up his keychain game immensely. Those pills can be held in a spy capsule, his happy/patriotic keys can be consolidated into a multikey or even onto his car key fob. I’m not sure what the two identical pens are for, but it is common philosophy in the EDC world that “Two is One, One is None,” so redundancy and backups may be necessary. The moist towelette is a good idea, but an even more versatile EDC item would be a handkerchief - not only for hygienic purposes but also last ditch survival tactics (pre-filter for water purification, dampen for an impromptu facemask to filter airborne irritants). I won’t comment on the paperclips because I’m pretty sure those are his weapon of choice.

Anyway, I’ll blog some pics/links about gear I’ve mentioned in this “critique.” B)

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