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Handmade Leather Keyhooks by Zissou (Summer Creek Dry Goods)

Editor’s Note: I mentioned in an earlier post on carrying keys that I would try to recommend some nice keychains. If you’re still looking for a better way to carry keys, be sure to check out these handmade leather keyhooks by Zissou.

What stood out to me most about these keyhooks is that rare, successful marriage between utility and aesthetic value. I asked Zissou about what went into his design:

"I was originally looking for a way to carry both my VW key and the few office keys I regularly carry. They were on separate key rings, and, well, I kept leaving my office keys at home by accident. I spent a fair amount of time designing the keyhook to be highly functional, but also to look good at the same time. A balance between function form is always important for me. Something I create has to work well, otherwise it is useless no matter how good it looks. Conversely, I don’t want the appearance to outweigh the function, which is why my goods are relatively unadorned. I’d rather let the simple design and solid materials speak for the piece. All of my keyhooks are made from natural veg-tanned cowhide with brass or nickel plated hardware."

Let’s take a further look into the functionality of this design: Zissou solves the common problem of that annoying metal on plastic clacking sound on your average keychain in an elegantly simple way. The piece of leather not only serves to silence keys to some extent, but it also allows for better organization and separation of keys and gear.

He also uses some substantial, durable hardware, including a secure clip that can be accessed with a press of the thumb. The clip swivels to avoid annoying or awkward positioning in your pocket or off your belt loop. A beefy D-ring serves as an attachment point for split rings for your keys, or secondary clips for other pieces of gear. For people with bulky vehicle fobs, be sure to check out the 02 model, which fits your car remote. Lastly, a Chicago screw holds all this hardware in place, allowing for customization and replacement of hardware to suit your needs. Wildstyle swapped out the clip for a welded ring and keeps his multikey and VW fob on his (a very clean look):

It’s hard to go wrong with a keyhook like this, especially since it was designed by an EDCer with EDC (non-tactical) in mind. If you decide this hook is for you — it fits your style or it solves some problems you’ve been having with your carry, be sure to pick one up and tell him you saw this post on EDC. ;)

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