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Lip Balm Applications in Survival Situations via theprepared:

  1. Chapped lips
  2. In extreme cold weather, you can rub it on the exposed parts of your face. The thin layer helps prevent heat loss by limiting radiation and air convection.
  3. Lubrication for your fire bow drill, etc.
  4. It is a great firestarter! It works just like petroleum jelly. You can rub it on a piece of cloth, lint from your pocket, a cotton ball, gauze pad from your first aid kit, or even on natural tender. I always have a cotton ball or two stuffed in my matchcase to keep the matches from ratteling around and in my little pill vial I use to carry some basic medicines.
  5. Emergency waterproofer. You can even use it to plug a small hole in your tent, poncho, or tube tent that is leaking in the rain.
  6. Rub it on a hot spot on your foot to help prevent a pending blister (lubricant). 
  7. Mix it with some black ash and rub under your eyes to keep the glare down (great for desert or snowy terrain).
  8. Do the same above to camo your face for hunting, works much better than mud and is kind of water resistant.
  9. Not as good as oil, but I think it is a decent expedient rust preventitive to rub on carbon steel knives.

Editor’s Note: I know a lot of you guys probably carry chapstick and don’t even think of it as “EDC.” However, with a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can find utility in almost anything you carry. My personal favorite application of chapsticks is using the cap as a diffuser for single AAA lights. It makes a diffuse beam pattern and works like a small candle:

Chapstick diffuser on Fenix E01

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