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Editor’s Note: I know I’ve been making fun of all those people with their money clips, but I’ve never actually tried carrying one… After longing for a more minimalistic approach, I reconsidered why I carry my wallet and its contents. I kept a lot of gift cards to places I’d never go to while I’m at school, as well as a bunch of driving-related cards and information that I don’t need when I’m at school. I put the essentials (ID, DL, debit card, access cards, etc) in a cardholder and some cash in this money clip by Victorinox.

I believe this is the first knife I’ve ever received. It was a groomsmen gift with my initials engraved in the clip. It’s got your standard blade, scissors, and a nail file/cleaner. I like carrying it with my cardholder as they evenly distribute bulkiness…around my pants… as opposed to sitting on a thick wallet (bear in mind this could probably lead to back problems down the road).

Anyway, this post is just a little mix between show-and-tell, my attempt at humor, practicing my “photography,” and a slight suggestion for my readers to reconsider what they carry and eliminate excess if necessary. If anything, it’s original content. :)

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