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5.11 Tactical RUSH 24 Neoprene Padded Backing and Yoke System Straps

Editor’s Note: I just reviewed that Urban Operator pack today and I already can tell it isn’t for me. I absolutely cannot sacrifice comfort and ergonomics if I’m going to be EDCing a heavy load all day. I’ve come to grips with the fact that out of aesthetics, function, and comfort, I can really only choose two (at an affordable pricepoint).

Coincidentally, I reviewed the bag on May 11th, or 5/11. It turns out that the bag I wanted to replace it with as per Alex’s suggestion, the RUSH24, is made by 5.11 Tactical… and yeah, LA Police Gear has a one-day sale on that bag. 20% off, free UPS ground shipping and a free LAPG water bottle. It seemed like the universe was trying to tell me to do my spine a favor and buy that bag.

So now look forward to another review when the RUSH24 comes. For even less than I paid for the TacticalTailor bag, I’ll have better comfort, better organization, more attachment points, compression straps, etc. The extensive MOLLE webbing is unsightly and might attract the wrong attention, but other than that, hopefully it will be perfect… The problem with trying to buy EDC gear is that you can never really tell if it’s going to work out for you without carrying it for a while. It’s a little frustrating.

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