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My Keyman is made from the handle of a Winchester mini tool I got for $5 at Walmart.  It’s a bit fatter than the Leaterman Micra, so I can fit four keys plus the fingernail tool from a Micra, plus I had to use a couple spacers.  The Zeiss miniquick is a pocket telescope that comes in handy in my line of work.  The orange earplugs fit under my zippo in my coin pocket and protect my hearing often.  The money clip is a cheapo I found somewhere, but I have an engraved Duck Bill clip on order.  The pen is a Zebra Telescopic, which I don’t see mentioned very much.  Probably because it writes like doo doo.

Editor’s Note: Nice gear! You have pretty much all your bases covered and then some. I can see by the IEMs and the ear plugs that you value your hearing, so I approve B). I keep some earplugs in my bag but only use them to study. The Zeiss looks really cool - I always played around with the idea of carrying a monocular or something like that but I can only think of nerdy or creepy uses for it :(.  Lastly, sucks about your doodoo pen. Thanks for the informative post!

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