My Everyday Carry



— Vintage B&L Wayfarers, keys, usb thumb drive, P-38 can opener, ACL & Co. motel keychain, old LG dumbphone, microfiber cloth for cleaning glasses, Burt’s Bees honey lipbalm, Tanner Goods cardholder, RRL bandana, iPod touch, iTrip, Leatherman Fuse, inhaler, matches, measuring tape, seam-ripper, Parker Jotter pen, Rite in the Rain all-weather memo book

Most of this stuff I just throw in a bag. As for my phone, I’d get an iPhone but AT&T service sucks in my area. Don’t really want a crackberry or any other smartphones on the market right now.

Editor’s Note: I expected to see a Timex for J. Crew military watch in here. Oh and of course the tactical survival bow tie lol

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