My Everyday Carry

Love the blog, have been following for a while.
Generally I avoid tactical gear and I choose not to carry a firearm(I do hold the permit.) I fly often so the blade rides in my checked bag alot. The utili-key provides me with a utility blade that is not noticed by airport security, or if they ever do, it is cheap enough to surrender. I know Leatherman has a TSA compliant keychain tool, but it is a bigger package and I’m not sure I want to add it. I highly recommend the Quantum D2, serious upgrade over the egear pico it replaced. I’ll carry a bigger knife (Spyderco Caly3 w/zdp) occasionally when not traveling. Car key is alone (not pictured) and not part of main keyring. I don’t pocket carry it while traveling, and keeping it separate facilitates car easy car swaps with my wife.
Keep it up!

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I a stylophile, made up word, I love pens! I like the one you are carrying here.