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submitted by Sherwin
I wish I hadn’t come across your site; since my last submission, I’ve pretty much swapped everything out:
The handkerchief is a must-have, either for mopping my brow or drying my hands when a bathroom is out of paper towels. As for the watch, I’m a huge Bond fan, so I put this on a Maratac strap. I had a Corvus strap but found the quality to be lacking. I keep my thin and minimalist wallet in my front pocket. I opted for the bottlehook as it’s more solid than the eBay fishhook, and functional. The Veleno Designs Quantum DD is an amazing bang for the buck. I absolutely love it. Installed twin blue tritium vials.I’ve found it faster and easier to jot down notes on paper than on my phone, so I carry a Field Notes. My Caran d’Ache is a simple, elegant pen. The knife is as simple as it gets. I mostly use it to open packages and cut tags off.
I only wish my car key wasn’t so huge and my building didn’t use RFID. They take up more room on my keyring than they should.

Editor’s Note: Hey Sherwin, sorry about your wallet. Your carry is nice in that it’s fairly minimal, non-aggressive, cohesive and stylish to boot. The PECK makes sense for your uses, which I imagine are similar to a lot of more casual EDCers. With the PECK you get a simple knife that does what you need without taking up too much pocket space or breaking the bank. I l also really like that combo of the Bottlehook and Quantum D2 — you get a keyring, a bottle opener, a great little light and tritium locators to help you find your keys better in the dark. Solid carry, thanks for sharing.

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