My Everyday Carry

Hello everybody, I am Patrick, an accountant from Columbus Ohio. I have been always enjoying reading others’ EDC. Now, I finally find out sometime to write out my very own.
Below are the rationales of carrying those items.
iPhone 5 - Self explained. In this era, who does not need a (smart)phone?
Corter Bifold Wallet - This is not my favorite at all, but since they do not accept return, plus it somewhat gets things done, I am OK with it.
FC–40p Fountain Pen - I am a fountain pen enthusiastic, and this is one of my favorite one. Kawoco probably is better known for pocket carry, but the 40p’s Masuyama Medium C. Italic Nib works like a champ. I just cannot put it down at all.
Doane Paper Utility Notebook - Mostly I will use my iPhone to take notes. As electronics are not 100% reliable, I will “backup” the important ones in this notebook. You know, paper will not run out of battery, and they will always have “signal”. Field Notes and Doane Paper are the most well-know pocket notebooks, and Doane Paper is more fountain pen friendly. That’s why I choose using it.
Westone 1 Headphone - When I am commuting, I like listening to podcasts. As such, any headphone will work if they are comfortable, and have great isolation. The sound of Westone 1 is not great, but for podcast, that enough.
Citizen Eco-Drive: Simple watch get things done. I don’t need all the fancy functions, as long as it shows me the time, it is my ideal watch. Titanium, sapphire, no battery needed, oh, that’s perfect!
The following items are not with me 24/7, but is always in my bag.
Satechi Battery - This is a recommendation from Wirecutter. This one has amazingly 10000 mAh! With it, I will never worry my iPhone runs out of battery.
Swiss Army SD - Being an office guy, I don’t need a fancy knife that can cut the steel. A simple cheap knife is perfectly fine and suit the environment.
Beta-QR - My iPhone has flashlight function that can be used in emergency situation, so I don’t need my Beta-QR all the time. This thing is small and bright, plus it uses AAA battery; that’s enough for me when I really need it.

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