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My Everyday Carry

submitted by CycleBob

Great blog - really struck a cord. I’ve gotten a couple of ideas from reading other contributions to the blog: traded out a Syderco Balance on my keychain for the Dragonfly G10, which appears tough, an excellent design as well as a great size for carry and not too confronting for non-knife people. I also added a light to my EDC for the first time: got the LED Lenser initially, but I have a 4Sevens Preon2 on the way as an alternative. I also recently got the Boker pen having preferred Lamy pens before for work. Good pen, but to me it seems a bit absurd to brand pens as “tactical.” Unless you’re in kindergarten or jail I would consider the probability of needing to stab someone with your writing utensil pretty remote. Anyway thanks for the ideas and entertainment. All the best from Perth, Australia.

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