My Everyday Carry

submitted by MJ
Atlanta | furniture maker

Editor’s Note: Hi MJ, thanks for sharing your carry with us. The setup you have going is a great example of items that emphasize build quality, durable materials, and reliable simplicity. Your carry features many items that are small and compact, yet substantial in heft and “tankiness” for a lack of a better term. A good example would be your Spyderco Leafstorm: its S30V blade comes in at under 2.5”, but the entire knife weighs 2.5oz due to its solid titanium framelock. EDCers struggling with pocket space but finding most compact gear to be flimsy could certainly draw inspiration from your carry. I would say a Quantum D2 would fit perfectly in your carry as a compact keychain light, if you were looking to make any changes. Thanks for sharing and carry on.

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