My Everyday Carry

This is my overseas EDC
This list honed over 40 years of travel to the corners of the school atlas. It is made up of expensive accessories, to impress a prince, and cheap gear that can get stolen or lost. The compass is a must - few people understand how I can find my way anywhere  - well that is the secret. The bandanna  - or the equivalent  - has saved my life a few times - as a head cover in 120 degree sun or face mask in a desert storm. Also as a eyes cover to sleep anywhere anytime.
LaGuiole is a must for salami, cheese bread and wine - all I eat in France  - it covers the basic food groups
In my own country I use the Spyderco instead of LaGuiole as it is less threatening and easy to use. 
The plasitc ID card - if you are going to these sort of places, the Security people will often take your passport. So offer your pre-made ID with impressive logos on it and a photo. They much prefer that - then if they decide to keep it  - well good luck to them.

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