My Everyday Carry


My flashlight collection, from left to right:

  • Eagletac P10C2 NW: First neutral light, first 2 cell light, first tactical light, etc. Gifted to my dad for around-the-house use.
  • 4sevens Preon 2: EDCed in my “pen” core carry for a while.
  • Fenix PD20 Q5: First 1x123 light. One of my favorites. Gifted to my sister.
  • 4sevens Quark 123 Titanium: First titanium light. First 4sevens light. First XP-G light (to be mass produced, IIRC.)
  • Fenix LD01 Stainless: First upgrade after my Fenix E01 (no visual). I remember being amazed at 80 lumens lol.
  • 4sevens Quark Mini 123 Ti NW: Great light but never carried. Gifted to my brother.
  • 4sevens Quark Mini 123: On keychain duty. Great light!
  • 4sevens Quark Mini CR2 XP-G NW: Newest acquisition. B)

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