My Everyday Carry

I am an engineer/QHSSE proffessional  working in the oil and gas industry in the west coast of Norway.  On a normal day I do not carry a knife, unless I need it for utility or specific use.  In most cases this will be out of office and after work.  As a former boy-scout and many years in service, I have a healthy relation to edged tools - however I appreciate a good knife and equipment I can apply for a purpose.
What I bring along on given day may vary depending on the activity and environment.  I would normally strip down to a minimum, for stashing too much getting bulky.  I use to carry a Moleskin notebook in addition, and use several different sizes.
My wallet is a leather card holder, and sunglasses is a must, and mostly basic Oakley - whenever it does not rain.
I have followed this page for a while.  Fascinated by what people carry - but I am most impressed when I recognize peoples trade or profession by their set-up.  I guess mine is a mix of day-to-day work, who I am and has been, and some sort of adventurous escape from realties - hopefully not going over the edge.

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