My Everyday Carry

My Leatherman Wave is a constant part of my carry as well. I wear a variety of hats working with various technology and have found a light and Wave to be essential, particularly when there is very little access to useful tools on the job. Really though, these are just core EDC elements I suspect anyone would find useful for daily life. The Boker turned out to be a great product that I would recommend without hesitation. I didn’t know what to expect going in but I will be looking forward to sampling more of their Plus line. The Solarforce Z2 is pretty new but I love Solarforce and this light is all I carry now. It just has the right combination of features for my personal use. It’s a simple forward clicky with 4 modes and no disco. The pocket clip is in the right place and the price is sweet. I’ve been playing with Micarta in knives for awhile now and have been wanting to create an EDC product for even longer. I finally got something I am happy with and with any luck there will be many more of them made in the future.

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