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Great site. I’ve always been a fan of gadgets so this site is fun to look through when I have spare time. Also, thanks for keeping the site up to date, even with everything that you’ve got going on in real life.
Anyway, I’m a college student with a minimal budget for gadgets and the like, but this is what I carry every day. From left to right:
Moleskine Pocket Planner - I use this to keep track of all my assignments and obligations throughout the year. Carry in my back left pocket.
Pilot G2 (.38mm) - By far my favorite everyday pen. I’ve never had one break and they write like a charm.
Seiko SNK807 - I finally just decided to get a watch after doing some research and deciding it was worth it. I love this automatic, now I just need a new band to replace the scratchy canvas one on it right now.
LG Phone - Standard keyboard phone. Nothing fancy, but it works great.Spyderco Ladybug - Knives with longer blades aren’t allowed on campus so I carry this as a conspicuous knife that still locks when opened. It works well for anything I’ve needed it for.
Burt’s Bees - Quality chapstick.
Aircraft Cable Keyring - I’m still experimenting with a better way to carry these things, but I haven’t had luck finding something that’s inconspicuous. (As of now this just goes into my pocket.)
Leatherman Squirt PS4 - Compact multitool with everything you need on it.Kingston 16GB Flash Drive - Essential for school.
FourSevens Mini ML - Not really necessary because my campus is extremely well-lit, but nice to have in case of emergency.
Columbia Wallet - Cheap and effective. Carry in my back right pocket.

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