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I am a professional in the agricultural irrigation industry in the US heartland. My days vary greatly from business management, to engineering design, to field installations and testing, lots of travel and more, so my EDC has been greatly refined and minimalized over the last several years. I am also a blacksmith, home renovator and general tinkerer and fixer of things for my family. I have hundreds of tools for each specific project I am working on, but these tools shown are what I carry, and more importantly, use daily. The IDL multi-tool is invaluable for quick fixes on larger tools, wiring, etc. I have worn out a couple of these already. The Bertucci is my ultimate minimalist field watch, and with no spring pins to pop out it is very secure. I only carry the cards and currency that I need and detest large wallets, so the fossil fits the bill. The kiridashi I forged for my own use when I wanted a very slim fit in my pocket but still had the cutting ability for multiple tasks. I use it for everything from setting door locks in my renovation to chopping apples for my lunch. Most any blacksmith or blade smith will make one if you ask. The wedding ring, well that reminds of what is really important….
Thank you for this website, it is fascinating to see what everyone is using on a daily basis!

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