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After-school Activity Specialist in San Diego, CA
Love the blog! And thanks for answering my question about my Selvedge Denims. Here’s my ever-expanding carry which is either on me in one of the pockets of my favorite denim jacket-turned-vest (only worn when I’m not in my work uniform) or in my backpack.
I’m not allowed to carry the flask, knife, or lighter because I work with kids on school campuses, so those specific items are left at home/backpack and are saved for the weekends or my days off.
Most days, I’m wearing the Casio watch because it tells the time in a pinch (my eyes are pretty bad so they don’t adjust that easily to the small tick marks on my Weekender which I wear on “fancier” occassions).
During college, I found that having gift cards super close to me was a life-saver so I keep the ones I really need on my in a card case.
The Slammer “helps me make decisions”.
I love the Bison Biner. It consolidates the need for a bottle opener-need that I have.
As of right now, I need/want a light, a small multi-tool of some sort (I had a Philips and a Flat-tip gimmicky key set on my key ring, but took them off recently because they aren’t that useful. I was thinking of getting the Gerber Shard).
There’s a lot of things I want to get, but am still out of the loop as to what to look for…well, that and because I just can’t afford all those fancy gizmos and gadgets. If anyone has any suggestions, PLEASE message me!
Keep up the good work guys!

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