My Everyday Carry

submitted by Dominic, Co-Founder of KC CO. in Kansas City, MO

These are what are on me at all times. I am extremely picky with everything. From people to things, if it wastes time or takes up unnecessary space, I’m out. Life is far too short to be bogged down with superfluity. So I’ve become fairly streamlined, in attempt to get the most out of it.
Fuji x-100 with KC CO. vinegaroon strap
I love this camera. Small. Has a reassuring weight to it. and the image quality is outstanding. I needed something for the website, and choosing this over a heavy dslr was such a wonderful choice. It’s unimposing if I bring it out with friends, yet is good enough to shoot product for the website.
KC CO. keychain
11oz vegetable tanned leather. A japanese brass shackle and split ring. I tie it onto my belt loop when I’m walking or biking and can throw it around my wrist when I’m lugging around groceries. I
Michael Morris Friction Folder 
I have collected knives since I was a kid. I have many that are more expensive than this one, but this is my most prized. Michael was great to deal with and is a wonderful craftsman. the carbon steel takes a mean edge and the size is perfect. He knocked it out of the park… And the fact that the tang can pop beers is a mighty bonus ;)
KC CO. Vinegaroon Simple Wallet 
Vegetable tanned leather. Hand-cut. Hand-stitched. 2 pockets and 1 strap for business cards or cash. Carries everything I need and gets better with age. I love how slim it is. I’ve made bifolds, but this is much more my style. 
Hamilton Viewmatic (KC CO. fully stitched strap, naturally)
I’ve been a big watch guy since college. Probably the worst hobby to have when you are broke and in school. I splurged on this when I was home one summer from school. I’ve taken it everywhere with me from the former corporate gig to camping. It’s a classic design that I will never get tired of. Though, she does run a bit fast ever since I chopped wood with it on. But now I’m never late (that’s not true). 
I’ve been following this blog for quite some time. It is so interesting to see what people feel like they do and don’t need. Please, keep it up! I really dig it.

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