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Dear EDC,

Felt like sharing the contents of my jawnz.

Dosh wallet > perfume decant (rotated daily) > tissues > Zippo (almost never used) > Beretta Airlight II > phone with Peek-A-Pooh > Victorinox belt chain with nail clipper, key, microSD and USB adapter, Nishino Tsukasa charm > coin purse (under repair)

Hope to be purchasing a Leatherman MUT (when it’s released) and a flashlight in the near future… maybe a 4Sevens or SureFire?

Editor’s Note: Hi, thanks for sharing. Cool lighting setup btw. If your Zippo is never used, it probably runs out of fuel, right? You might want to look into a keychain capsule lighter instead, as those are airtight and don’t let fuel evaporate. That way, in the rare occasion that you do need a light, it’s there on your keychain without taking up precious pocket space.

You could also try slimming down the keychain by replacing the nail clippers with something like the Malteser or Tweezerman flat nail clippers.

Lastly, I would suggest you reconsider your multitool purchase… The MUT is a Military Utility Tool, and many of the tools on it are for rifle maintenance. It might not satisfy your EDC requirements (although it does look really cool). For your flashlight, I feel that 4sevens and Surefire lights are quite different. 4sevens offers more compact, general EDC type lights whereas Surefire lights are larger, higher quality and more “tactical” in many ways. Good luck!

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