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What better way to ‘compensate’ for a crappy picture than to hit it with a Photoshop filter :) Been a lurker for a while, but love it here!

Phone: iPhone
Glasses: Oakley OilDrum
Watch: Casio PAW-1500 Pathfinder
Multitool: Leatherman Skeletool CX (bought this based on all the times I’ve seen it here)
Penlight: Rayovac $3 LED clipped to my pocket.  (looking for a nice cheap EDC light like a Fenix,etc…but I had to have SOMETHING…this little guy works in a pinch, but isn’t ideal)

Editor’s Note: The Fenix E01 at $15 is still one of the best value lights. It’s not high-tech or anything but it’s good for what it is. Maybe you can toss it in your coin pocket or on your keys or something. Thanks for sharing.

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