My Everyday Carry

submitted by Richard
Writer-Director & Production Designer in Los Angeles/Austin

I’m always in totally different environments doing something I’ve never done before. Building a 3-story prison set or adjusting a tiny screw on a camera accessory. I never know exactly what I’ll need and having a solid everyday carry is very helpful.
Leatherman Surge Multitool - Heavy duty for set construction and general use. They really do last a long time if you don’t try and use them beyond what they can handle.
Sheffield Lockback Utility Knife - I used to carry a lock blade Buck knife but after I had a couple confiscated by the Port Authority and the Mexican Federales it was getting expensive to replace them. With this utility knife I can just drop the blade out at an airport or secure venue and move on. (Plus I can use the inexpensive aluminum edge to open beer bottles.)
Handkerchief - I always carry one of these for touching hot lights, to cover my neck under my hat if I’m working in the sun, allergies, or a million other things. A simple tool with infinite uses. And I have a thing for loud southwestern patterns.
Keys - I prefer a simple oversized ring with no doodads. Comes in and out of my pocket easier.
Surge Premium Leather Sheath - Came with the multitool and it’s holding up pretty good. I wear my leatherman on my belt because it’s quickest for one-handed access. And I don’t mind the aesthetic because I’m a redneck. :)
Hand-tooled Leather Wallet - My wife got this made for me from a guy on Etsy with my initials. It’s been a great wallet.
Pen - I prefer those with clips so I can keep it on my clothing somewhere. And not too expensive because eventually someone is going to steal it from me anyway.
Moleskin Notebook - I like the grid pattern rather that lines for drawing, designing or jotting down dialogue.
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