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My Everyday Carry

IT Sales in New Hampshire

This is my pocket dump, my most used item seems to be the Shard here lately from opening up a PC case to popping something cold open it’s been quite useful. I do IT sales and moonlight as a PC repair tech so the Hiren drive comes in pretty handy for virus issues and I carry a handful of installers on the drive to replace lost programs. The iPhone wallet is my favorite item I am a huge Star Wars fan and even though I had to purchase it from Hot Topic I had to have it. Surprisingly the quality is quite impressive for a sub $10 wallet. It holds my two different sets of business cards, license, debit card, some cash, phone and even at one time my 11 in 1 tool. The flashlights there because it’s skinny, it works and it was free.The 11 in 1 Survival Tool is the best $1 I’ve ever spent, I couldn’t even begin to list what all I’ve used it for. The Ripstop knife actually came in a combo kit with the Shard and has replaced my former EDC Uncle Henry pocket knife because of it’s low profile and it works great for everyday use. The Star Wars duct tape was a gift so I figured eh, why not make an EDC pouch with it.

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