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Attorney / Volunteer Firefighter (lvl1 interior) & Rescue Diver in New York, NY 

Suunto Core- All Black: Great Watch, have had it for years, the bezel tends to scratch easy and you are left with the bare metal Breitling Airwolf Raven Special Edition: If I’m not wearing my suunto, Im wearing this.  Its an analog/digital, rubber band w/ a metal clasp.  The only issue is the bezel is a bit loose and tends to spin freely which in turn moves the slide rule - which is horrible for my OCD.Zippo- matte black: there’s a reason zippo has been around forever, it’s the best.Emerson CQC-7 mini- black/serrated: at 2.9” this is honestly the best knife I have ever owned, there is nothing it can’t handle, the tanto point can be used like an exacto blade, while the blade is still heavy enough to handle some brutal tasks.  It took me a bit to get used to the single ground edge, but there’s no going back now.  I carry this over my benchmade, spyderco, and few others.Iphone Headphones- they came with the phone and they workOtterbox Communter + Iphone 5: Otterbox is the only case I trust.Motorola Minitor V pager: emergency radio paging device - its’s issued, no choice, a bit bulky, but better than the old ones.Pentel WOW! BK440: Black pen, nice triangle grip, keeps writing smooth, a box of 12 is about $6.Keys / TAD Ti Spring Clip: My daily keys, including HID key fobs, mini leather helmet shield.  The spring clip from TAD is great and serves its purpose.Viper Auto Start 5901 & Keys to Black Betty: Normally I have the 2-way LCD key fob part of the 5901 system, but I cracked the screen and is currently being replaced, so I have the backup.  And Black Betty, well she’s big, black & beautiful, and she likes to get dirty.

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