My Everyday Carry

Illustrator in Rome, Italy

Hi, my name is Marcello Crescenzi and I’m from Rome, Italy. I’m an illustrator but also a volunteer ranger and an outdoor enthusiast.
Here’s the list of my items:
Dickies classic chain wallet: Very durable and affordable, also i can’t keep wallets without a safety chain and this one comes already with it
Victorinox pocket dual knife sharpener: It’s a must have for any outdoor lover. Works fine also for kitchen knives, just saying’.
Old pocket Maglite flashlight: Trusty and indestructible. 15 years and counting.
Swiss+Tech pocket key multi tool: 6 tools in one key, indestructible and helpful everyday.
Silver Navajo feather ring band: My good luck charm, I never leave the house without it
Moleskine note and sketch book: Because i have to draw whenever i feel like
Faber Castell 0.7 automatic pencil: Superb grip and weight, it’s 10 years I’m using only this for drawing.
Cross classic steel ballpoint pen: A classic since ages.
1967 Vietnam war Zippo: I like militaria and Vietnam Zippos are just top notch cool.
Buck “110”, outdoor lockback knife with sheath.: The Buck 110 is the one-stop for affordable and reliable outdoor blades.
Skullcandy “Titan”,  titanium headphones: After breaking an enormous quantity of headphones i went on the titanium ones and i’ve found my cup of tea.
Ray Ban sniper sunglasses: They’re just the only kind of shades I can wear.
Kingston 16GB “ES9” steel flash drive: The smallest and toughest on the market.
Adorini cigar piercer: The most useful cigar tool i have ever bought. You can enjoy a perfectly pierced cigar everywhere without carrying cutter and blades.
Ciao, M.

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