My Everyday Carry

Grace Bonney, Founder of Design Sponge in Brooklyn, NY

Car keys and vet tag: My wife Julia and I just bought our first (used) car, a VW Golf. I have never been so happy to rediscover our borough with the windows down and music up.
Measuring tape: I am rarely far from one of these. I don’t get brand specific with them, but I like one that has a thinner shape so I can measure older furniture with curves and nooks.
Ray Ban sunglasses: My mother, father and I all have the exact same pair of Ray Ban tortoise sunglasses. We also all have the same pairs of dark rimmed eyeglasses, too. It sounds creepy, but it’s pretty funny when we’re all in the same room.
"Thank You" bag: My wife officiated the wedding of our friends Laura and Michael Carney a few weeks ago. Michael, who also won a Grammy for designing the Black Keys’ album cover, designed this bag for their wedding guests. It was inspired by a classic take-out bag from NYC. 
Ilia Lipstick in Arabian Knights: The only lipstick I have ever worn and repurchased religiously for the past four years. 
Le Pen brown pen: My mom used to work in an antique store and they always used brown Le Pen pens at the counter. I associate them with her and those days so I always use one myself.
RuMe bag: I keep all of my money, cards and a rotating selection of fabric swatches (this one is from Joe’s Fabric on the Lower East Side) in this bag, which used to belong to Julia. She thought my lack of a wallet was appalling and took pity on me. 
iPhone 5S: It goes without saying that I can’t go anywhere without this thing stuck to my hip. I blog, tweet, Instagram, Facebook, Pin, email and just about everything else from this phone. I also take an awful lot of videos of our dog running around each morning.
Hint water (blackberry): I am really bad at staying hydrated, so Julia has been ordering me cases of these to make me drink more water. So far, so good.
Olympus VN-702PC recorder: I’m teaching a social media workshop tonight and I try to record my classes so I can listen to them again and make improvements. 
Metrocard: I would like to say I use this card a lot, but I don’t. Now that we have a car I’m still in the honeymoon phase of wanting to drive everywhere. I tend to stick pretty close to my neighborhood (Greenpoint, Brooklyn) so I walk most places.

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