My Everyday Carry

Pizzeria Owner in Perth, West Australia

The watch is a Zodiac Stealth, this was chosen as I do love Swiss movements and this is cheap enough to wear everyday.
The knife is my pride and joy. Its a Hattori. I spend a lot my day cutting things at work so outside of work it has to be razor sharp.
Samsung Note 3, big hands big phone!
Torch: Nitecore P12. Used to carry a large Maglite with a LED conversion, this is brighter. Late night close ups are a cinch.
Multitool: SOG power assist with a 1/4 drive attachment and wire strippers added. Late night repairs and cutters that can cut fencing wire when needed.
Key ring: Troika quick release. Easily swap out keys between vehicles and locations to be traveled.
Machine era brass card holder and a Piquadro Italian leather wallet. 
Glasses: Otis Deville mineral glass lens. Plastic stratches too easy and Im hard on my stuff.

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