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Graphic Designer from Leeds, UK

Having been invested in the concept of an everyday carry philosophy for around 4 years now and carrying many different styles of knives, tools and flashlights. I finally came to the conclusion that frankly, it was overkill. My flashlight of choice is a Quark tactical, an excellent little CR123, 0.3 - 246 lumens among other modes, which is clipped to the inside of my pocket suspending the PS4 and key fob. The PS4 is frankly all I ever need tool wise and excels at its job. The camera was passed down to me from my grandfather, although not very expensive on today’s market it is a joy to use and it holds many memories over 3 generations. Headphones wise, although a little pricey, Bose make one hell of a product and I love them, they come with 3 separate sizes of buds and fit as if they were made for my ears. This is actually my second pair to date after loosing the first set. Great quality both structurally and audibly. Moving on to the pen, lets just say, when I heard my local Muji shop was closing down, I made a specific trip to go buy a box of 100 of these pens and they make me want to write more, over making note on my phone which frankly would be easier. In conclusion, I would recommend every product, besides the Xperia T phone, give it a wide berth.

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